Top 5 big base designs to build in Minecraft 1.19 update

Mega structure built around ocean monument (Image via u/LukepWalton Reddit)
Mega structure built around ocean monument (Image via u/LukepWalton Reddit)

Even though creating large structures can be quite tedious in Minecraft 1.19's survival mode, players still take the time to collect each and every block for the build. If players do not want to spend too much time gathering items, they can just go into creative mode and go crazy with limitless blocks and items from the inventory.

Any kind of structure can be built in the Minecraft 1.19 update; the only limit is the player's imagination. Hence, sometimes they might search the web for some creative ideas. Fortunately, the game's community is extremely active and frequently posts about all kinds of mega builds on different platforms.

5 brilliant mega base designs for Minecraft 1.19 update, including multi-story wooden build

5) Wooden castle build


This is an amazing build that can be constructed with the most common type of block in the game, wood. Usually, a player's first base in Minecraft 1.19 update will be made up of wood blocks. However, if they want to go a step further, they can create a castle with four huge structures in a square configuration, all connected by bridges.

Different kinds of wood can be used to offer a nice contrast, and a beautiful garden can be made in the center. One of the main things to remember is the symmetry of these four structures in relation to each other.

4) Upside-down pyramid build


This is another fascinating idea and involves an upside-down floating pyramid base in the Minecraft 1.19 update. It will require loads of resources and time if players are planning to build something like this in survival mode.

First, they can clear out a huge area for the base of the upside-down pyramid to be constructed. Once the base is finished, the pyramid can be built with any type of design that should be the same on each side of the pyramid, though the player can customize the entire build any way they want. Eventually, to light up the entire build, players can use sea lanterns and shaders.

3) Aquatic survival base


This is one of the most famous mega-base designs that players can try to build in the Minecraft 1.19 update. It has eight brilliantly built towers that are connected to eight small floating conical islands with massive chains. Below the floating conical islands are eight circular structures built entirely underwater.

The original build is mostly made up of prismarine and other teal-colored blocks; however, players can use any color they want for their own base. The underwater part of the base is also connected to underwater tunnels that are built with the same teal-colored blocks and sea lanterns coming in at regular intervals.

2) Multi-story wooden build


This is another simple yet massive build that players can create in Minecraft 1.19 update. When players build their base, it is usually on the ground and might have an upper floor as well. However, if they want more space and rooms, they can create a slightly taller base with several floors for different purposes.

In this build, the base can be made using strong pillars, supporting three or four story wooden buildings with a hut-like roof. The ground-floor area can be used for different farms, whereas the building can be used for living and other purposes.

1) Ocean monument build


The ocean monument in the Minecraft 1.19 update is a gorgeous structure. To this day, many players try to create a base in or around this structure that naturally generates underwater and is filled with guardians. However, it can be conquered and cleared to create something magnificent.

Since the ocean monument is a readymade structure, players can either create their base inside it or completely transform it by using it as a base for a build. It is also quite easy for players to create something around it the structure as well since it's a readymade structure.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinion. There are many other big builds that players can build.

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