Top 7 blocks and items Minecraft players need to use more 

Explore the usefulness of these underrated blocks and items in Minecraft (Image via Mojang)
Explore the usefulness of these underrated blocks and items in Minecraft (Image via Mojang)

Since time immemorial, Minecraft has been played and loved worldwide. Players have pursued different adventures while utilizing several entities the game offers. However, certain blocks and items are severely underrated or forgotten when it comes to their uses and applications. Despite their abundance, these are often overlooked, especially by newer players.

This list provides seven such items that are neglected, but are quite useful in Minecraft.

Note: The list present in the article reflects the writer's views.

Top 7 blocks that players need to use more in Minecraft

7) Gilded Blackstone


This block is a variation of Blackstone, which is exclusive to Bastion remnants. Gilded Blackstone has a similar texture with gold patterns embedded on its surface. When mined, they drop gold nuggets. The blocks can be obtained by mining with a pick axe that has the Silk Touch enchantment.

The Gilded Blackstone has a very alluring texture to it. The golden striations provide a lustrous and attractive look, which can be used for decorations by combining with other building blocks. This is especially useful when constructing castles, dungeons, and places with spooky and mysterious themes.

6) Barrel


A barrel is a substitute for chests, and can thus be used to store items. It takes about two slabs and six planks (in Java edition) or six sticks (in Bedrock edition) to make, which is much cheaper than chests, which need eight planks.

Barrels look aesthetically pleasing as well, especially in fishing areas. Unlike chests, one can cover a barrel with a solid block without its usage being restricted. The only limitation is that they cannot be connected with one another, which is unlike chests.

5) Leaves


Leaves are blocks that make up the tree branches in Minecraft. They can only be obtained via tools enchanted with Silk Touch or shears. Even as one of the most common-looking blocks, they share a unique property of getting water-logged. This means they can store water within them.

Leaves are underrated since they have several features that can be highly beneficial. Firstly, mobs do not spawn on them, which means they can be used to create a mob-free zone, especially around one’s base. Secondly, since they can be water-logged, they serve as non-flammable and explosion-proof blocks. They are found in abundance, which makes them easy to procure.

4) Daylight Sensor


The Daylight Sensor is a device that can provide Redstone signals based on the time of the day. The time can be set to day or night by right-clicking on it. This is a handy gadget that has an important application in the game.

The Daylight Sensor can create Redstone-based contraptions that require automated signals; one of these includes auto-harvesting farms. Players will need three glass, three nether quartz, and three wooden slabs to craft this device.

3) Recovery Compass


The Recovery Compass is one of the newest additions to Minecraft 1.19, and is thus something most players haven’t explored. It allows them to navigate to and find the spot where they died earlier, enabling them to recover their lost inventory.

Players must use the compass by holding it in their hand. Since it can only be used for the dimension where they died, it is advised to store it near their spawn point before venturing out for an adventure. This item requires eight Echo shards, which are obtainable from Ancient Cities.

2) Powdered Snow


The Powdered Snow is a block obtained from Minecraft biomes like snowy slopes and grove biomes. Players can also procure it during snowfall by using cauldrons. This block may come across as pointless, but it has useful applications.

One of the best uses involves using it for MLG in the Nether Realm. The Powdered Snow prevents fall damage and can serve as a great substitute for water, which cannot be used in the said realm. It can also inflict freezing damage, which can be used to create traps. The block also has a variety of applications in many automatic farms, and can be used to make secret bases.

1) Trapdoors


Trapdoors are utility items that have been a part of Minecraft since the 1.6 Beta release in 2011. They can be crafted by using six wooden planks and four iron ingots. Many players use trapdoors to make their builds look aesthetically pleasing. They are also the most useful item in this list, since they bring along a plethora of uses.

Firstly, mobs cannot break or spawn on trap doors, even on hard difficulty settings. This can insulate players from an oncoming hostile invasion. Secondly, they can be used to craw around in Minecraft, a mechanic that was introduced in the latest Bedrock update. Thirdly, they can prevent unintentional death by suffocation since they will break any falling blocks.