Stephen Thompson

Stephen Thompson

Personal Information

Full Name Stephen Randall Thompson
Date of Birth February 11, 1983
Nationality United States
Height 6 ft 0 in

Stephen Thompson: A Brief Biography

Stephen Thompson UFC Fighter is one of those fighters who have come close to winning a title multiple times, but somehow the title has always eluded them. One of the most popular UFC Fighters, Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson has fought several top names in the UFC including Darren Till, Anthony Pettis, Tyron Woodley and Rory MacDonald.

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Last 5 Fights of Stephen Thompson

LossAnthony PettisUFC Fight Night 148 – Thompson vs PettisKO (Punches)24:55
LossDarren TillUFC Fight Night 130 – Thompson vs TillUnanimous Decision55:00
WinJorge MasvidalUFC 217 – Bisping vs St. PierreUnanimous Decision35:00
LossTyron WoodleyUFC 209 – Woodley vs Thompson 2Majority Split Decision55:00
DrawTyron WoodleyUFC 205 – Alvarez vs McGregorDraw – Majority55:00

Stephen Thompson Statistics

CoachRay Thompson
Gym/ Team/ AssociationUpstate Karate
NicknameStephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson
Weight ClassCurrently Welterweight
HometownSimpsonville, South Carolina, United States of America.

Stephen Thompson Record

Record Current Professional MMA RecordCurrent Professional MMA Streak

Win Method Ratio (KO/ TKO : Submission : Decision) – 50 : 7 : 43

Stephen Thompson Biography

Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson has had several huge fights in his career, but he has somehow never broken through the apparent glass ceiling. He has lost again and again at critical points, never more apparent than during the two Tyron Woodley vs Stephen Thompson fights. After he drew his first attempt for the UFC Welterweight Title against Woodley, he lost his next fight. He also lost the critical Darren Till vs Stephen Thompson fight.

In his latest fight against Anthony Pettis, he failed to shine again, and lost. Stephen Thompson is one of the most popular fighters ever to enter the UFC octagon, and is universally loved by most MMA fans. His loss against Anthony Pettis was broke a Stephen Thompson record for him in UFC, as it was the first fight of his career where he lost and the fight was stopped.

Stephen Thompson

People Also Ask

How old is Stephen Thompson?

36 years (February 11, 1983)

What is Stephen Thompson worth?

Stephen Thompson is an American professional mixed martial artist and former kickboxer who has a net worth of $3 million.

How tall is Stephen Thompson?

6′ 0″

Where is Stephen Thompson from?

Simpsonville, SC