5 Pokemon GO Battle League tips & tricks for players to utilize

The Pokemon GO Battle League often requires flawless execution for success (Image via Niantic)
The Pokemon GO Battle League often requires flawless execution for success (Image via Niantic)

The Pokemon GO Battle League can be a brutal experience for trainers who aren't prepared to go up against the best.

There are many ranks to climb in the GO Battle League, with skills and creatures varying accordingly. This can be a bit off-putting, but knowing some great battling tips will help trainers get more comfortable before diving in.


Trainers need to know how to be advantageous in the GO Battle League. This means putting together a great team, knowing what the current meta is, and so much more.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinions of the writer.

Using attacks that charge quickly and 4 other tips that all trainers should know to be successful in the Pokemon GO Battle League

1) Have multiple of the same Pokemon

There are a variety of leagues throughout a Pokemon GO Battle League season. From the Great League to the Master League and all of the specialty Cups in between, trainers will find themselves adapting to different rulesets.

This makes it important to keep multiples of certain Pokemon at different CP values. With varying CP, they will be able to perform in more than one league.

2) Conserve shields if necessary

Shields can be used when an opposing Pokemon launches a Charged Attack. Each trainer gets two, and they can use them whenever they want to avoid being hit by an enemy Charged Attack. Once they're used up, each enemy Charged Attack will land successfully.

Whether it involves simply tanking a hit or switching to another Pokemon that will take less damage from the Charged Attack, it is important to know when to conserve shields. Being able to use them in the later stages of a battle could be the difference between victory and defeat.

3) Use attacks that charge quickly

Several resources, such as Pokemon GO Info, provide information about attack speeds, energy gains, and damage output. Players should utilize these resources to understand what attacks gain the most energy and what Charged Attacks require the least amount of energy to be used.

Pokemon can learn two Charged Attacks if a trainer spends the Stardust and Candy to do so. This makes it easy to vary attacking strategies. Faster Charged Attacks will drain enemy shields quicker or at least do a decent chunk of damage if the trainer decides to let it land.

4) Either go with the meta or completely against it

There is no middle ground here. Each Pokemon GO Battle League season tends to have a defined meta. There are certain creatures and movesets that absolutely dominate and are found on nearly every single team.

With that in mind, trainers should opt to build a team around the current battling meta or completely against it. They should not build a team with some Pokemon found in the meta and some that aren't.

Instead, players should have a fully meta team or choose some favorites that aren't considered meta (and maybe even counter the meta) to catch opponents off-guard.

5) Stick with a winning team

The best tip for Pokemon GO trainers trying to rank up in the GO Battle League is to stick to what works. If a team has been put together and is racking up wins, players shouldn't change things, even if they end up with a few losses in a row.

Trainers should reevaluate the strategy but keep the team together to continue to be successful. It is much harder to put together a new squad for battle than it is to make a previously victorious team win again.