5 most unique Electric-type shiny in Pokemon GO

5 most unique Electric-type Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon GO
List of shiny Electric-type Pokemon (Image via Niantic/Serebii)

Pokemon GO offers multiple elemental-type shiny Pocket Monsters to passionate collectors who like adding almost every variation to their Pokedex, including the Electric-type. While some shinies have a unique design and altered color scheme, others have typical coloration.

Among the best, the most difficult part is to evaluate them. Since each is creatively designed, many will find judging them based on their appearance challenging.

In this article, we’ll go through the finest Electric-type Shiny Pokemon, excluding Legendary, Mythical, and Mega forms. The mentioned ones have the best alternative coloring, and their appeal is incomparable to non-legendary ones.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the writer's opinions.

Shiny Electrike, Shiny Ampharos, and three other Electric-type Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon GO

1) Shiny Luxray

Shiny Luxray as seen in the anime (Image via TPC)
Shiny Luxray as seen in the anime (Image via TPC)

Luxray shares a resemblance with multiple real-world animals. While some Pokemon GO players believe it has the shape of a mature lion, some think it is more like a Lynx. Well, the discussion doesn’t end here because some fans also consider it to have a dog's body structure. Nonetheless, going by the species name, Shiny Luxray is called the Gleam Eyes Pokemon, and its eyes have an intensity that increases the overall appeal.

In the original version, fans may feel doubtful about its resemblance as it’s tough to figure out which animal actually inspires it. However, in the shiny variant, Luxray’s predominantly black and yellow fur hints it looks like a lion. The hair on its head is similar to manes, and the tip of its tail looks like a prickle.

2) Shiny Vikavolt

Vikavolt and its shiny form (Image via Niantic/TPC)
Vikavolt and its shiny form (Image via Niantic/TPC)

In Pokemon GO, Vikavolt’s most fascinating body feature is its face because it seems like it is wearing a superhero mask. Although many would argue the best part is its neon green sharp blade-like jaws, its countenance is similar to a human's.

The shiny variant of this Electric- and Bug-type Pocket Monster has a gray/steel shade as its primary color. Its legs are black, and its thin transparent wings have multiple purple lines.

Beetle genus highly inspires Pokemon GO Shiny Vikavolt. It looks very similar to that of a Cyclommatus, which is a stag beetle. The resemblance it shares and the species it belongs to clears fans' doubt about its inspiration.

3) Shiny Electrike

Shiny Electrike (Image via Niantic/Serebii)
Shiny Electrike (Image via Niantic/Serebii)

Shiny Electrike is arguably Pokemon GO's most attractive and adorable Electric-type monster. The design is captivating because of its cute appearance. It is similar to a puppy with a play-bow stance. Not only do dog lovers prefer this monster, but many would love to get a chance to add it to their collection.

Although the Shiny Pokemon appears unharmful, it has the potential to Mega evolve in the final form. While a few fans consider that Shiny Electrike resembles a fox’s pub, others think it appears more like a canine’s pub. No matter the case, it has one of the best cute designs ever.

4) Shiny Magneton

Shiny Magneton in Pokemon GO (Image via Niantic/Serebii)
Shiny Magneton in Pokemon GO (Image via Niantic/Serebii)

Magneton’s design idea is similar to a Tandemous, a Pokemon Scarlet and Violet exclusive monster. The Electric- and Steel-type critter has a transfixing appearance. Due to the magnetic power, it attracts two more Magnetime to form its figure. The reason why this dual typing can create electricity is because it’s made up of steel, and the magnet helps produce electric power.

Magneton's original form has a light sky blue shade, and the magnets attached to its eye-like body have red and blue colors at their ends. It has three screws; one on the top and the other two on its cheek. Alternatively, Shiny Magneton sports light yellow and black hues.

5) Shiny Ampharos

Shiny Ampharos (Image via Niantic/Serebii)
Shiny Ampharos (Image via Niantic/Serebii)

Mareep’s final evolution is Ampharos in Pokemon GO. The shiny coloration of the former doesn’t correctly go with the design. It is somewhat off and kills the overall appeal. However, as it evolves into a Shiny Ampharos, it gains back what it initially lost. The pink shade scheme blends with the body, increasing its attractiveness and making it one of the coolest Electric-type designs currently available in the game.

The franchise may have found inspiration from a giraffe to give life to Ampharos. Although it evolves from a sheep resembling Pocket Monster, it retains qualities of both. Its face resembles a sheep’s, while its constitution and neck seem inspired by a giraffe.

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