How to play multiplayer with friends in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet allows 4 friends to play together, and here
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet allows four friends to play together, and here's how to do it (Image via Game Freak)

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are revolutionary in several ways for the long-running franchise, such as how they have changed the series' multiplayer mode. In previous games, multiplayer experiences in the franchise only consisted of trading and battling. However, in the latest Nintendo Switch release, Pokemon trainers from the Paldea region can group up with their friends and explore the world.

How does this work, though? What can you do with your friends in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet? Here’s what you need to know as you get ready to step into the Paldea region for a brand new adventure.

How does multiplayer in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet work?

Online co-op is a feature that Pokemon fans have been requesting for years, and it has finally arrived in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Thankfully, you won’t have to wait long in order to group up with your friends in-game. Early on in the game, you can access multiplayer features and begin your multiplayer experience.

Once you have access to the PokePortal, you can jump right into the online multiplayer mode for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. It’s also worth noting that you will need a Nintendo Online subscription in order to play online with your friends in the Paldea region.

Steps to join online multiplayer

  • Press X to pull up the main menu
  • Select PokePortal
  • Make sure you are in Online Mode (press “L” to check if necessary)
  • Select Union Circle
  • You can either choose “Join a group” or “Form a group”

If you’re joining a session, ask the host what the Link Code is (found in the lower-left corner of their screen). You must then enter the Link Code, and wait for the host to start the session. If you’re forming a group, share the Link Code with the friends you want to co-op with.

Sadly, the Nintendo Switch has no messaging feature, so you'll have to use Discord, Facebook, Twitch, or whatever social media platform you prefer. When everyone has joined your party, select “Set out together” and you will begin your online multiplayer session in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Everyone will be teleported to the nearest Pokemon Center, and you can set out.

Interestingly, players can even participate in local multiplayer gameplay. However, each player has to have their own controller to do so. To access the local multiplayer mode, the process is exactly the same as above, but the only difference is that you don’t have to be in Online Mode.

Things to do in Pokemon multiplayer

  • Explore Paldea together
  • See/interact with each other on the map
  • Battle wild Pokemon, but not the same Pokemon at the same time
  • Trade Pokemon
  • Battle each other
  • Take part in Tera Raid Battles
  • Picnics in the open world

Players can still participate in traditional Pokemon trading and battling the multiplayer modes offered in previous games, but you can now recruit three friends and simply explore the world together. It's an enjoyable experience for couples to meet in the offline multiplayer mode, or even have a few friends over to group up.

In general, it’s a pleasant change of pace to see Pokemon allowing players to come together and explore the world as a team. It’s incredibly easy to set up a multiplayer session, and you can group up with any of your friends around the world, as long as they're subscribed to Nintendo Online.

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