The best Pokemon GO Great League Remix teams (June 2022)

Magcargo in the Pokemon GO Great League Remix (Image via ZyoniK/YouTube)
Magcargo in the Pokemon GO Great League Remix (Image via ZyoniK/YouTube)
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Pokemon GO's Great League Remix has returned for another season this June, causing trainers who compete in the format to change up their battle strategies to succeed.

Pokemon GO's Great League Remix implements a strict ban on some of the most-used meta Pokemon found in the standard Great League.


Niantic used the top Pokemon found on teams of trainers with the Ace rank and higher to calculate who received a ban. As a result, trainers have been forced to use Pokemon that may not have been among their top choices in order to battle and rise through the ranks.

In this format, many teams have already emerged as great contenders in the Great League Remix meta.

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Awesome teams to utilize in Pokemon GO's Great League Remix 2022

1) Froslass, Lickitung, Mandibuzz

Mandibuzz is a great alternative to Umbreon (Image via Niantic)
Mandibuzz is a great alternative to Umbreon (Image via Niantic)

This Pokemon GO team boasts a great all-around performance and has two Pokemon with very impressive durability.

Froslass begins as the point Pokemon sporting Powder Snow, Avalanche and Shadow Ball as moves. This Pokemon has great dependability even in the traditional Great League meta, thanks to its great bulk, its unique type coverage as an Ice/Ghost-type and considerably high damage.

When things get hot, Pokemon GO Trainers can swap for Lickitung. This Pokemon's Normal typing may make it seem like a hindrance, but it also makes it weak to only one source of damage (Fighting-type moves).

Lickitung sports a very high health total and solid defense, ensuring it can win battles of attrition. For optimal Lickitung moves, trainers should consider Lick, Power Whip and Body Slam if they have access to Legacy Moves.


Mandibuzz rounds out the team as a spectacular anchor. Since Umbreon received a ban, Mandibuzz can stand in for it as a Dark-type Pokemon with considerable defense stats.

For ideal damage-dealing, Pokemon GO trainers will want to give Snarl, Aerial Ace and Foul Play a try for moves.

2) Cresselia, Whiscash, Registeel

Registeel is a great meta pick that evaded bans (Image via Niantic)
Registeel is a great meta pick that evaded bans (Image via Niantic)

This Pokemon GO team utilizes multiple pseudo or outright Legendary Pokemon in its lineup in Cresselia and Registeel. Whiscash rounds out the rest of the team as a very solid switch with an intriguing elemental typing.

Granted, Registeel is often counter-picked as one of the top Pokemon in this Remix format, but it can still perform very well as an anchor Pokemon.

Cresselia isn't often considered one of the best meta picks even in Great League Remix. However, its status as a Legendary betrays its considerable stats.

As a Psychic-type, it matches up very well against more popular meta picks such as Shadow Machamp. It still has its bad matchups, especially against Froslass and Alolan Marowak, but it can still perform well when given an advantage or a neutral footing.

For optimized moves, Pokemon GO trainers can look to Psycho Cut, Moonblast and Grass Knot if they can access Legacy Moves with an Elite Charged TM.


Whiscash is a bit of an odd pick in normal GO Battle League Formats, but it stands as a great alternative to Swampert, which was banned. Thanks to its high HP stat, it can also serve as an analogue to Galarian Stunfisk in some circumstances. Its typing makes it a great counter to Registeel and Alolan Marowak.

With moves like Mud Shot, Mud Bomb and Blizzard, Whiscash can work multiple type advantages into its battle plan.

Registeel is considered one of the best Pokemon in many "remixed" formats due to its great stands and incredibly high bulk. Its Steel typing doesn't give it a ton of true type advantages, but that often doesn't matter much.

When using Lock-On, Focus Blast and Zap Cannon, Registeel can hammer away at opponents of various types, where its standard Steel typing fails it.

3) Mandibuzz, Vigoroth, Whiscash

Vigoroth can excel where other Normal-types fall short (Image via ZyoniK/Youtube)
Vigoroth can excel where other Normal-types fall short (Image via ZyoniK/Youtube)

Starting this Pokemon GO team with Mandibuzz puts a strong foot forward. Enemy trainers will have to struggle through Mandibuzz's considerable defense stats and solid Dark-type damage to work themselves into a favorable position.

If Mandibuzz is in a rough matchup, Pokemon GO players can tag out to Vigoroth, a thoroughly underrated Normal-type Pokemon.

Vigoroth is something of a contradiction in Pokemon GO, as it's one of the better users of the move Counter in this format despite being weak to it. Thanks to its Normal typing, it can dish out neutral damage while taking neutral damage from other Pokemon in most circumstances.

Trainers can stick to moves like Counter, Body Slam and Bulldoze to succeed, and they should absolutely pull Vigoroth back from Fighting-types like Shadow Machamp.


Whiscash rounds out this Pokemon GO team as its anchor, thanks to its massive health pool. Its typing will allow it to take advantage of opponents while staying in the fight as much as possible.

Keep Whiscash away from Grass-types at all costs, however, as its high health total can easily be slammed down by Grass-type moves utilized by Pokemon like Tropius. Blizzard helps it somewhat when dealing with its counter picks, but it'll need to be used quickly.

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