When is Lapras coming to Pokemon Unite?

Lapras is joining Goodra as one of the latest Unite Licenses in Pokemon Unite (Image via WadaGames/YouTube)
Lapras is joining Goodra as one of the latest Unite Licenses in Pokemon Unite (Image via WadaGames/YouTube)

Shortly after Pokemon Unite confirmed Zacian's arrival on Pokemon Day 2023, TiMi Studio Group and The Pokemon Company wasted no time making more announcements. According to the community site Serebii.net, Goodra and Lapras will be the latest additions to the MOBA game's roster.

According to the Serebii update and information provided in the graphic surrounding Goodra and Lapras, the two creatures will have their Unite Licenses released at separate times.


Goodra is allegedly earmarked for a March 16 release, while Lapras is confirmed for mid-April. According to multiple sources, both creatures are projected to fit the Defender role in Pokemon Unite.

This certainly makes sense, as both Pokemon are well-known for their high defensive stats and high health totals, respectively. This should carry over well in Pokemon Unite.

Breaking down all early info about Lapras in Pokemon Unite


Thanks to the Public Test Betas for Pokemon Unite, players have been able to share gameplay footage and additional information about both Goodra and Lapras. This tends to be fairly common, as many Unite Licenses are placed in the PTB to be tested and tweaked before their full release. It appears that while Goodra will be a melee-focused Defender, Lapras will be able to battle at range.

Lapras' tentative moveset for Pokemon Unite

  • Shell Armor (Passive) - When Lapras takes damage from an attack or move that exceeds a certain percentage of its maximum health, the attack's damage will be reduced.
  • Basic Attack - Like most other Pokemon in Pokemon Unite, Lapras' basic attack becomes a boosted attack every three attacks. Lapras' boosted attack sees the creature shooting a jet of water from its mouth, damaging the target and also healing Lapras.
  • Whirlpool (Move 1) - A whirlpool is created around Lapras for a few seconds, damaging enemies caught in its area of effect. The further a target is from the whirlpool's center, the more hits they'll sustain.
  • Water Pulse (Move 1 Upgrade) - Lapras fires a pulse of water that damages and slows its target. After the first time this move is used successfully, Lapras will gain a free boosted attack. Each time an enemy Pokemon is hit with Water Pulse, the next use of the move will branch out to more targets up to a maximum of two additional targets. Once upgraded, Water Pulse can strike a maximum of three targets instead of two.
  • Perish Song (Move 1 Upgrade) - Lapras emits an eerie song of doom, dealing damage to all Pokemon Unite foes caught in the area of effect. This move can be used three times in succession, and if a target takes all three Perish Song attacks at once, they'll receive additional damage. When upgraded, Lapras will gain a boosted attack after using Perish Song.
  • Ice Shard (Move 2) - A shard of ice is fired from the user to a singular target, damaging them and temporarily freezing them. If the target is already frozen when it is hit, it takes damage and is pushed away.
  • Bubble Beam (Move 2 Upgrade) - The user gains a shield and fires a stream of bubbles in a specified direction. Any Pokemon hit by the bubbles will take damage. Furthermore, the bubbles at the end of Bubble Beam's range will float for a moment, and enemy Pokemon who collide into the bubbles will be held in place for a brief moment. When upgraded in a Pokemon Unite Battle, the shield that Lapras gains from using the move is strengthened.
  • Ice Beam (Move 2 Upgrade) - An icy beam is fired by the user in a chosen direction, dealing damage to targets and freezing the ground along the attack's path. Enemies who walk over the ice will take damage over time and will have their movement speed slowed. If a Pokemon Unite opponent stays on the icy ground for too long, they'll be temporarily frozen in place. When upgraded, Ice Beam's ability to freeze opponents is prolonged.
  • Lapras Express (Unite Move) - Lapras rides a wave similar to the move Surf, increasing its speed unless it hits an obstacle, which will slow it down. Any opponents hit by the wave will be thrown and dealt damage. While the first part of the move is active, one teammate's Pokemon can ride on Lapras' back and dismount whenever they wish. If Lapras uses the Unite Move again before it concludes, it will hop off the wave, and the wave will continue to roll forward.

In addition to this information, Serebii also confirmed that Lapras and Goodra will receive regal-styled holowear over the next few months of Pokemon Unite's calendar.

Lapras, in particular, is seen with a fancy headdress and a spiked covering over its shell. Goodra receives an old-school waistcoat and top hat. Additionally, Sableye will receive a jester-themed holowear alongside these new inclusions at roughly the same time.

Two new Defenders making their way to Pokemon Unite should be great for the continued evolution of the meta. There are only seven Defenders on the roster at the moment, which is the second smallest number out of any of the defined roles in the game.

If Goodra is confirmed for March 16 in Pokemon Unite, players may want to keep an eye on the same date or one close to it in April to determine when Lapras will exactly make its debut. The two Defenders should bring some increased diversity to the tank meta.

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