10 best moments from BTS PTD Las Vegas Day 4

Global K-pop stars BTS for PTD Las Vegas concert Day 4 (Image via @bts_bighit/Twitter)
Global K-pop stars BTS for PTD Las Vegas concert Day 4 (Image via @bts_bighit/Twitter)

BTS members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook performed at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas on April 16, 2022. At the final concert of their PTD on Stage tour, BTS was greeted with chants and screams by a massive crowd of ARMYs who had made the journey to the stadium to see their beloved music group perform on stage after a long gap due to the pandemic.

The LA leg of their tour was one of the year's most anticipated concerts, and the K-pop group's performance matched the energy that the fans brought to the stadium.

BTS treated their fans to performances on hit tracks such as Go Go and Life Goes On, as well as a night full of iconic moments. So, here are the most popular BTS moments from Day 4 of the BTS PTD Las Vegas concert.

From RM's emotional speech to JK's forgetfulness - Best moments from BTS' PTD Las Vegas concert day 4

1) Jimin’s crazy dance moves

Jimin passionately dancing to BTS's song Go Go was one of the best moments at the PTD concert. He always brings unmatched energy to his stage performances, and this concert was no different.

2) Male ARMYs making BTS members smile

BTS' popularity, like most boy bands, is often attributed to hysterical fangirls, so when male ARMYs screamed at the top of their voices at this concert, it brought immense happiness to the idols. This moment also received much appreciation on social media, with many fanboys sharing their love for the group online.

3) Taehyung’s mindblowing energy on stage

The BTS PTD Las Vegas concert, without a doubt, highlighted Taehyung. He had incredible energy on day four of the concert, and fans couldn't thank him enough for his hard work. Fans were in love with his mischievous and sassy expressions during the concert. His vocals, visuals, dance moves, and overall goofiness are all commendable. He once again demonstrated that he owns the stage, regardless of where he performs.

4) BTS's special cryptic announcement

BTS members concluded the concert with a voiceover from BTS leader RM, who said:

“We Are Bulletproof."

The screen then went black, followed by a date on display - June 10, 2022. The arena exploded with applause from ARMYs who believed that it was a hint at the group's comeback.

Shortly after the announcement, Big Hit officially shared the official teaser for We Are Bulletproof, confirming the album's release date. The teaser was the same clip that was shown on the final day of the live show in Las Vegas.

5) RM made ARMYs emotional with his incredible message

In his ending-ment, RM reminisced about his previous visits to Vegas, making the fans emotional by sharing his individual struggles as well as the group's to where they are today. He said:

“These days I feel like I have gained some age. In 2009, I was just a student with family when I was in Las Vegas. In 2014, nobody knew us, we were knocking on strangers’ doors asking them to come to our concert… That was tough."

RM continued:

"In 2017 I was invited to the BBMAs where they put was in front of live music stations & we weren’t ready. Thanks to you guys, my English got a lot better. I used to work around this stadium at 6 am, imagining the 50000 people in it, we are never going to take all this for granted."

ARMYs commended RM for his years of dedication and for always being the best leader. The group's dream, according to RM, is to hold a free concert one day.

6) The one where JK forgot the steps and laughed adorably

Jungkook was left in splits during Butter's performance because he forgot the choreography. He was expected to hold hands with Suga during the section, but he chose to do his own thing. Jungkook was seen cracking up as Suga tried to point out his position.

7) Jinkook moment

Jin and Jungkook, who are known for their mischievous pranks and fights, were also seen having a good time on stage. Jin was seen jokingly punching Jungkook in the face during the Life Goes On performance, while Jungkook pretended to be hurt. After that, they both burst out laughing.

8) Suga reacts to fans' "Yoongi marry me"

As fans started waving "Yoongi Marry Me" placards, BTS members also started saying "Yoongi Marry Me" as they read the posters. Suga then said:

"Welcome to Las Vegas which has a drive-through wedding.”

He became shy when he saw the posters. ARMYs were fascinated with his shy expressions and the priceless smile that later followed.

9) Jungkook and V's Cinderella moment

Jungkook and V continued to have a great time during PTD on Stage, and even became one another's Prince Charming and Cinderella on day four. V could be seen cleaning Jungkook's shoes in a clip that was shared on Twitter. Jungkook afterward pretended to place a shoe on V's foot as well.

10) Jin getting praised by Hobi and ARMYs for his hard work

In what was arguably one of the most heartwarming moments from the concert, J-Hope aka Hobi commended Jin for performing admirably despite his surgery.

"For Jin, it was very different, seriously. To our Jin Hyung who did his best even during practice to make sure our stage does not look empty, I would be grateful if you all could give him a big hand and shout for him."

Jin said:

"J-Hope said some very nice things about me, but honestly it is true that I was a burden on the team."

Reassuring Jin that he's a valuable and loved member of the group, V then said:

"You are not a burden, ok?"

Jin replied by saying:

"Though I got injured, because our team helped me like this, I was able to do a good stage."

Jin was also shy when receiving the praise, and ARMYs applauded him for his dedication to the group despite being injured and doing so much for them.

This was one of BTS' greatest shows to date, with many memorable moments that fans will remember for the rest of their lives.

As part of the Permission to Dance on Stage in Las Vegas schedule, the K-pop boy group performed four nights at the Allegiant Stadium over the course of two weeks. On all days of the concert, the LIVE PLAY in LAS VEGAS in-person live stream event was carried out at MGM Grand Garden Arena. On the final day of the tour, the concert was also live streamed digitally for a worldwide audience.

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