10 most liked TikTok videos 

The 10 most liked TikTok video list consist of numerous different creators (@khaby00, @bellapoarch, @thenckluciano and @totouchanemu/Instagram)
The 10 most liked TikTok video list consist of numerous different creators (@khaby00, @bellapoarch, @thenckluciano and @totouchanemu/Instagram)

TikTok videos receive millions of likes every day, but only a few reign on the charts of the "most liked TikTok" videos of all time.

The video-sharing app was the fastest-growing app of 2017, and it beat Facebook to take home the crown of the "Most Downloaded App" in 2021. With a highly engaging user interface that helps millions of people find entertaining content through their FYP section, the app makes it easier for videos to go viral. Big TikTok creators have received life-changing opportunities, including movie roles, music deals, makeup collaborations and more, because of their videos.

The platform also promotes great diversity in the kind of content it hosts. Videos from all different categories have made it to our list of the most liked TikTok videos. Even celebrities have TikTok accounts to stay in touch with their fans and share tidbits about their daily lives. Charlie Puth, Hailey Bieber, and Selena Gomez are a few who upload to the platform regularly.

This article discusses the top 10 most liked TikTok videos of all time.

Exploring the 10 most liked TikTok videos of all time

10) Peeling a Banana by Khabby Lame - 37.9 million likes

Khabane Lame or Khaby Lame (@khaby.lame) is a popular TikToker who shows how people overcomplicate things. He usually posts reactional TikTok videos where he showcases simple ways to complete a task.

His "Peeling a Banana" video starts with a person meticulously peeling a ripe banana with a knife. Khaby then shows his viewers how easy it is to peel a banana. The sarcastic video is the most liked TikTok video on his account with over 275.2 million views and 37.9 million likes.

Khaby is a Senegalese-born social media personality from Italy. He started posting videos on Tiktok after he lost his job as a factory worker due to the COVID-19 lockdown. As fate would have it, his videos started becoming popular, and he soon became one of the most recognised faces on the platform.

The social media star has over 141 million followers on TikTok, making him the second most followed account on the platform. The creator once held three spots on this list.

9) Cat pawing at the camera by British Promise Cats - 38.1 million likes

Animal videos are constantly trending on the app. The ninth spot on our list is taken by the video of a ginger cat pawing at a camera which was posted by @britishpromise.cats.

The camera that is recording the video is set inside a tube which can only accommodate the cat's face. The cat comes to look inside the tube, claws at the camera a few times and shoves its face in the tube to get a better look at the device.

One of the most liked videos of all time, this cuteness overload has been viewed over 298 million times and has a like count of over 38.1 million.

According to their Instagram bio, the account is a personal blog featuring cats. Not much is known about the person behind the account except that they own close to 11 cats.

8) Time Warp Scan by Billie Eilish - 40.1 million

Billie Eilish needs no introduction. The singer has sold millions of records and won 7 Grammy awards in her career.

She posted a time warp scan video to her TikTok account in November 2020. It was also her first video on the platform. Billie flared up her nostrils while the app's scanner was going over her nose in the video. She concluded it by laughing hysterically at her creation.

The viral video was enjoyed by her fans on TikTok who made it the most liked TikTok by the singer. It has over 349.1 million views and 40.1 million likes.

Billie became a music icon at the age of 13 with her 2015 song, Ocean Eyes. The singer has continuously made impressive music along with her brother Finneas. Her biggest hit, Bad Guy, won 5 awards at the 62nd Grammy Awards held in 2020.

7) Dog too stunned to speak by Adrian Chateau - 40.3 likes


Adrian's video is more about her dog's reaction than her. In the video, an audio clip says, "Bark at your dog," and the creator imitates a loud bark in her dog's ear.

The dog, stunned by his human companion's audacity, looked shocked, almost as if challenging her to repeat her action. Not much is known about the creator because she has kept her Instagram private, but she did tell a follower that her dog was half pitbull and half German shepherd.

Her TikTok account, @adrianchateau, has only three videos, with "Dog Was Too Stunned To Speak" gaining over 237.7 million views and over 40.3 million likes, making it the seventh most liked TikTok video. The account has over 997k followers.

6) Suave by Mona Gonzales - 41 million

The video was uploaded by @mngnzls on March 4, 2022. In the video with the caption, "It’s time to wake up the neighbours," Mona sings Suave by El Alfa El Jefe. The video went viral due to Mona's strong vocals. Her singing talent earned her over 270.8 million views and more than 41 million likes, making this the sixth most liked TikTok video.

Mona Gonzales is a 27-year-old creator from the Philippines, and she has released a full cover of Suave on her YouTube account.

5) Twerking man by ToTouchAnEmu - 44.5 million

TikTok creator David Allen created the video after getting inspired by another creator @maxtaylorlifts. The video was shot on David's drone camera, with Justin Bieber's Stay playing in the background.

The video has received over 322.2 million views, and was the top video in 2021. We see a 360-degree view of Allen, who is wearing a blue button-up shirt, white over-the-ear headphones, and sunglasses. The video started a viral trend on social media and has received over 44.5 million likes on the platform.

David is a 33-year-old American wedding photographer from Texas with over 9.5 million followers on TikTok. The creator collaborated with big personalities like Bella Poarch, Jason Derulo, and Paula Abdul to create reiterations of his viral video.

4) Sugarcrash! by Nick Luciano - 48.6 million

Nick's (@thenickluciano) TikTok begins with him watching a video by @kaylavoid, where she is lipsyncing to Sugarcrash! by ElyOtto. Looking at the creator's account, Nick decides to make a similar lip-sync video. The creator then records his version in front of a picturesque background.

The video ended up going viral on TikTok, making it Nick's most liked video of all time. It then went viral soon after. The 24-year-old worked as an engineer previously, but now works as a full-time content creator who makes comedy skits and other videos for his 6 million followers.

He has posted numerous TikToks about his cowboy lifestyle, and owns an apparel company called Luciano Western Wear. He also owns Luciano Media LLC, a company that offers videography services.

3) Lip drawing video by Franek Bielak - 50.2 million

Franek Bielak's (@fredziownik_art) video from 2020 is the third most liked TikTok video on our list. The TikTok shows him drawing hyper-realistic, glossy-looking lips to Deep End by Fousheé. The video has received over 281.2 million views and more than 50.2 million likes.

Franek is a 16-year-old artist from Poland who practices hyperrealism. His account has amazed millions of viewers who love to watch his progression videos. The artist has over 12.1 million followers, and has worked with numerous brands like Fortnite, HP, Genshin Impact, and Xiaomi.

2) Lip sync video by Jamie Big Sorrel Horse - 51.4 million

The second most liked TikTok video was posted by Jamie Big Sorrel Horse (@jamie32bsh). His lip-sync video for the song Say It Right by Nelly Furtado went viral to make it one of the most liked TikTok videos ever. The video is recorded in front of Jamie's bathroom mirror. His simple video struck a chord with viewers, gaining him 51.4 million likes and 426.1 million views.

Jamie is a Native American TikTok creator whose simplicity has won millions of hearts on the platform, earning him over 7.9 million followers.

He started posting on the platform in mid-2020, and became a successful influencer by 2022. This second most liked TikTok video started a viral social media trend.

1) M to the B by Bella Poarch - 57.6 million

Bella Poarch's M to the B lip sync video took the crown for the most liked TikTok video in 2020, and it remains undefeated till today. Bella posted a cute and goofy lip sync video to Soph Aspin Send by British rapper Millie B, which made her an overnight sensation.

The creator's adorable expressions made people watch the video on repeat, giving it a view count of 699.4 million. The most liked TikTok video holds a total like count of 57.6 likes.

Bella (@bellapoarch) is a Filipino-American social media personality who is also the third most followed person on TikTok. She has a follower count of 90.2 million. Her TikTok fame helped her release a debut single Build a B*tch, and she struck a music record deal with Warner Records in 2021.

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