5 best Roblox games like Adopt Me! to check out in June 2022

Wonderful experiences like Roblox Adopt Me! (Image via Facebook Inc.)
Wonderful experiences like Roblox Adopt Me! (Image via Facebook Inc.)

Roblox is a famous and trending sandbox game that offers millions of games to its users. They enjoy playing these free online titles on the platform because it has representation for every possible genre. Users of this platform get to showcase their talents and skills by creating their own games for others.

Games that gain a great response from the users, open their way to earning some real money from it. Talking about great responses, there are several titles on Roblox that have gained tremendous response and have increased their followers to several millions.

One such game that has managed to gain over twenty-eight billion visits is the 2017 invention, Roblox Adopt Me!. Created by @Dream Craft, the role-playing game (RPG) allows its players to collect pets, take care of them, trade them for better pets, and many more exciting activities for players to do. These are but a few reasons why tons of gamers love spending their time on this cool game.

There are several other games as well that reflect the same experience as Adopt Me!. In the article below, readers can check out other such cool titles and try them once this summer to make these warm, humid days more exciting, while enjoying them with friends and other players online.

Check out these top Roblox games that give the same experience as Adopt Me!

1) RoCitizens


A town and city game called Roblox RoCitizens is one of the most well-known games on the platform. The multiplayer title allows its users to role-play with one another, work at jobs, customize and furnish their homes (in-game), and also complete quests for the townspeople.

Readers should check out this amazing game as the developers (@Firebrand1) have released some new features upon their last update. The game can be played with over 10 players connected to a single server. RoCitizens also has an in-chat feature to help users make new friends online.

By socializing and becoming an active citizen in the world of RoCitizens, players can live out their whole life virtually in this fun game. This is why it is a must-try game on the platform for the viewers who haven’t played it yet.

2) Livetopia


Century Makers developed a wonderful multiplayer game called Livetopia in April last year. Within a year, the game has managed to gain millions of followers and about two billion visits, making it one of the most-played games on the platform.

Livetopia can be played by twenty-five members all connected together to a single server. Gamers can own houses, ride and buy cool vehicles, go boating, fly with special abilities, collect unique pets, and also role-play with other gamers.

This amazing game gives out the same vibe as Adopt Me! and this is why it has been able to put its name on this list. The title was recently updated and creators have dropped some new features and bug fixes upon its updation.

Readers are recommended to try this wonderful experience and unravel those secret updates while playing the game.

3) Robloxian High School


Robloxian High School is another town and city game that gives the same experience as Adopt Me!. The game was created in 2016 by Robloxian High School Group and has gained billions of visits to the game over the years.

This is a wonderful, fun game that can be played with up to thirty-six members connected to a single server, where players can customize their characters using unlimited accessories that can be purchased from the avatar shop.

Players can also buy their own houses and decorate them with numerous pieces of furniture available, collect some really cool and stylish vehicles and personalize them to expand their collection. They can also create an amazing living environment by making lots of online friends and role-playing with them.

The experience also involves some cute pets for gamers to adopt. Further, users can attend classes as well and will have to finish assignments to earn more coins and gems. This will help them buy new accessories and other cool items in the game.

This is a really wonderful game for young adults to relive their high school days in style and have fun with their online schoolmates this time.

4) Pet Swarm Simulator


Next on the list is an adventure Roblox game invented last year in February called Pet Swarm Simulator. Fans of Adopt Me! are going to enjoy this amazing title if they haven't tried it out yet, as this game also involves tons of unique and rare pets that can be hatched from eggs.

The pets in this title are categorized into eight different types, which range according to how difficult they are to obtain. The easiest pets are categorized as “Common” pets and the most difficult ones are called “Boss” pets.

Players will have to defeat enemies in order to collect the eggs which will help them collect their pets. They can collect pets via trading, hatching, defeating enemies, or purchasing from Robux to increase the collection.

Readers have to check out this exciting game to become the best player in the world and enjoy their gaming sessions with friends and other online gamers.

5) Animal Simulator


In 2020 @ragnar9878, created a Roblox RPG experience, where players can fight as many varieties of animals as they want. In this simulation game, players can be characterized as animals and can choose according to their desire.

Gamers can become any animal of their like, like king lion, the wittiest wolf, the clever fox, the cutest panda, or even the rarest tiger in the game. Gamers also have the option to play as their own avatar if they want.

The aim of the game is for the players to fight against their opponents and gain XP and level up to unlock more characters.

The multiplayer game is not really like Adopt Me! but it does involve some really cool animals and it is fun to play with others to find out which animal is more powerful.

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