5 best Roblox games with no fighting and violence

Top non-violent Roblox games like Adopt Me!, Royale High, and more (Image via Facebook Inc.)
Top non-violent Roblox games like Adopt Me!, Royale High, and more (Image via Facebook Inc.)

Roblox is the most famous and trending sandbox game that has reached the heights of fame and name in the gaming world. Billions of gamers trust this platform and are always willing to spend most of their time here. Roblox has plenty of games created for everyone.

Interestingly, these games are not developed by Roblox Corporation. They are created by the gamers themselves. Some developers are even earning real bucks from it.

Gamers have a wide variety of choices from the available engaging titles on this platform that are of every genre that a person might think of, from horror to cooking, first-person shooting to adventure, and so on.

However, many Roblox games involve violence and fighting because of the gamers’ preferences, like Arsenal, Phantom Forces, Polybattle, War Simulator, etc.

Therefore, this article further discusses Roblox games that do not involve any fighting or violence for gamers to learn about. The list of games mentioned below are all popular, largely played, fun games that mostly involve roleplaying and socializing.

Roblox: Peaceful games like Bloxburg, Brookhaven RP, and more

5) Welcome to Bloxburg


Roblox Welcome to Bloxburg is a fun, peaceful, life-simulation, roleplay, and town and city game created by Coeptus in 2014. Bloxburg is based on the famous game series called The Sims by Maxis and Electronic Arts.

The game has been on the platform for almost a decade now and has achieved over five billion gamers worldwide. Bloxburg is a multiplayer game that can be played with 12 members connected to a single server.

The gaming experience involves a simulation of an individual's daily tasks in a household in this fictional virtual world. The title allows players to build, design, and decorate their own beautiful houses, hang around or roleplay with other gamers or friends, work, ride amazing vehicles or even explore the city of Bloxburg.

Gamers can perform various activities (in-game) to survive and earn money (in-game). This is a fun game where players are encouraged to socialize, communicate, make friends from any part of the world and make the gaming session more interactive and memorable.

Bloxburg was recently updated, and the developers must have released some very cool upgrades to make the game more attractive and fun.

Bloxburg doesn't provide any codes for its gamers (at least for now), so players should be aware of the fake claims and avoid clicking on random scam links that claim to provide any code for the game.

4) Hide and Seek Extreme


Developed by Tim7775 in 2015, Roblox Hide and Seek Extreme is an adventurous, fun-loving game. The game has amazed over a billion gamers worldwide over the past seven years. It is a modified version of previous hide-and-seek games such as Hide n’ Seek XL: Living Spaces by TwoShue.

The game sends its users into a lane of memories that they might have forgotten about. It provides them an experience of when they used to go out to the grounds with their friends and play games such as hide and seek, catch me if you can, and so on.

The rules of the title are the same, where players must hide from the seekers till they get caught. The one who manages to hide for the longest or doesn’t get caught till the seeker gives up wins the game.

This multiplayer experience can be played with 14 members connected to a single server, out of which one player is randomly chosen as the “It” character. “It” is the seeker and has to find the rest of the hiders.

“It” characters or the seekers are provided with special abilities, there are four abilities in the game, and the seeker is provided with any one of the four. These abilities include Glue, Camera, Sprint, and the Stun.

The game sounds very intriguing and fun, and readers need to check out this fantastic game to have a relaxing yet thrilling experience.

3) Royale High


Another multiplayer adventure game, released in 2017, is called Roblox Royale High. Royale High was initially a fan game with the original title Fairies and Mermaids Winx High School, a roleplay-themed game entirely based on the famous animated series Winx Club.

Later, the developers decided the game to be more than just a fan game and changed its name to Royale High and features of the game. The multiplayer game is created by @callmehbob and allows up to 15 members on a single server.

The game's main aim is for the players to earn Diamonds (in-game currency) to survive and buy items (in-game) from the shop. Players can customize their characters accordingly and increase their levels by gaining knowledge and skills by attending classes.

The player will be assigned homework and assignments that they have to complete to be a brighter student. They also have to manage a balance between their studies and other activities like hanging around, socializing, etc.

Gamers can also use their Teleportation Sceptre to travel between magical lands and explore the entire city while having fun with friends and other gamers. Earn and use Diamonds to buy items to personalize the character, apartment, and other things.

The game is so much more fun and pleasant than it sounds already. No wonder it has managed to gain over seven billion gamers over the years and over twelve million gamers playing it daily. Try this fantastic multiplayer game to experience the magical world of Royale High.

2) Brookhaven RP


Roblox Brookhaven RP is a massively multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMORPG) created in 2020. It is the newest game on the list and has managed to gain over eighteen billion players in such a short period.

The town and city Roblox game allow players to explore the city of Brookhaven RP with friends and other players and create new friends worldwide. Players can roleplay, hang around, buy and customize their own house to live in, ride stylish vehicles, perform certain activities (in-game), and have a lot of fun in the game.

Developed by Wolfpaq, this multiplayer game can be played with up to 18 players connected to a single server, where players can discover various in-game locations like diners, churches, stores, schools, and even playgrounds.

The game encourages socializing and features an in-chat option for players to communicate with others and even roleplay with them.

This is a simple and soothing game that features no in-game currency other than Robux so that players can experience this virtual world more realistically!

Have fun and a wonderful time while playing this amazing game, and try making some excellent friends on the internet while playing it.

1) Adopt Me!


Almost every player on this platform knows this amazing title. It is famous for its uniqueness, originality, and creativity. Roblox Adopt Me! is considered the best game on Roblox, played by more than twenty-eight billion gamers across the globe.

This popular title is the most trending and intriguing game with such a tremendous fan following. The game involves players customizing and raising their pets, which can be obtained from various sources. Players can also decorate their houses and explore the magical city of Adopt Me!

DreamCraft published this amazing and unique roleplaying game in 2017, where players are motivated to communicate with one another and become friends if everything goes right. Not only this, the game teaches its users the value of working hard, aware players of getting scammed by strangers, and many more exciting things.

The game's main objective is to take care of the pets and raise them to increase collection. Pets come from different rarities depending upon their ability to obtain them. While most pets are owned in exchange for Robux (in-game currency), others can be obtained through trading, events, star rewards, etc.

Players can roleplay with one another and have a very great time while playing it. Readers who haven't heard of this masterpiece should check it out at least once and enjoy the game peacefully with friends and other players.

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