Top 5 vehicles to use in Roblox Brookhaven 

A look at some of the best vehicles in Roblox Brookhaven RP (Image via Roblox)
A look at some of the best vehicles in Roblox Brookhaven RP (Image via Roblox)

Roblox Brookhaven RP has a huge fan following. The multiplayer RPG game is all about hanging around the game with friends, other online players, or exploring the city of Brookhaven solo.

In this game, players can find others to roleplay. Brookhaven also has in-game chat facilities for players to communicate with one another. The multiplayer game was created in 2020 by Wolfpaq, and has since grown to become one of the best games on the platform.

With over eighteen billion gamers visiting the game regularly, the game is played by 13 million of them. In this Town and City game, 18 players can connect together on a single server where they can own their house, live and customize it. Players can also drive vehicles of their choice.

There are several vehicles in Brookhaven so players won’t run out of choices. This article will showcase the best vehicles in Roblox Brookhaven that newcomers should try out at least once.

Top 5 vehicles in Roblox Brookhaven include Santa’s sleigh, police motorcycle, and more

5) Santa’s sleigh

Santa's Sleigh in Roblox Brookhaven RP (Image via Roblox)
Santa's Sleigh in Roblox Brookhaven RP (Image via Roblox)

Santa’s Sleigh, which appears during the Christmas season, is a flying vehicle that has three gift boxes and four reindeers.

Santa Sleigh spawns near Motel and Brooks Diner. It behaves like a helicopter that allows players to go wherever they want in just a few seconds by rapidly speeding through the map.

Santa’s Sleigh that appeared in the Christmas events of 2020 and 2021 were exactly the same with no feature changes. This vehicle can mount up to four players as well. It looks very cool and players can try out once it appears. However, only Premium Members can obtain it.

Players can get a Santa’s Sleigh by simply entering Brookhaven and going to the game's motel. If they see the sled, they can go for it and once they get on it, players can see themselves flying.

Players can go in any direction and place they want with this vehicle and to get out of that they just have to descend on it. Once on the ground, players can easily get out of it as they do while getting out of any other car.

4) Police motorcycle


In a recent update, developers thought of a cool idea for players to be able to ride the two-wheeled vehicle, the police motorcycle. It really excites everyone when they see smart police officers riding their bikes and cars along the streets without any fear.

Brookhaven’s developers have released an amazing feature as well. By letting players ride the police motorcycle, they can pull people over and arrest them by turning the siren on. There’s an emergency service available that players can use to call the police, firemen, and all sorts of different people and services.

Since the game is based on roleplay, other players might be afraid of the police motorcycles coming their way and might wish to run away if they're not doing something legal.

The only difference between the police motorcycle and the regular ones is in the color and the red siren that goes on when there is an emergency or whenever the player wants to switch it on. This cool feature is a must-try by the newcomers or even the players who weren’t aware of this till now.

3) Golf cart

Golf Cart in Roblox Brookhaven RP (Image via Roblox)
Golf Cart in Roblox Brookhaven RP (Image via Roblox)

Surprisingly, there’s no golf course at Brookhaven, but there is a golf cart that players can always drive. It is a four-wheeled vehicle, which the players can take out for a spin. This exhilarating vehicle set features two unique characters and accessories.

Players can obtain this golf cart with 250 Robux from the shop or spend some real money to buy it from stores for $19.99 (may vary from site to site). It can always be obtained from Roblox gift cards.

It is available in multiple colors and players can take it anywhere they like. They can take it to the shopping mall, swimming pool, Lake Madison, and other amazing places on the map where other vehicles can’t go.

2) Military Humvee


The Military Humvee is a vehicle that is considered premium quality, especially since its free. It was released and added to the game in August 2021. The vehicle is designed specifically for the army and military in Brookhaven RP.

It usually comes in a dark green color, but players can customize and color it any way they want. It needs to be locked when the players are not around the car to prevent it from being stolen. Players can unlock it as well whenever they are willing to drive it.

It has a horn as well, so players can honk at others to annoy or tease them whenever they like. If players don’t want the car anymore, or if someone has stolen it and they want to delete it completely, they can simply press “Alt + F4” on the keyboard, causing the car to become completely erased.

1) Classic convertible


The classic convertible has been present in the game since its start. It is a four-wheeled, brown-colored color. It is also one of the free cars available in the game, the rest being the blue race car and small car.

Its maximum speed is 55 per second compared to the 25 (bikes and scooters) and 16 (walking), making it the fastest vehicle in Brookhaven. However, players can increase their speed with premium memberships.

Classic convertibles can be obtained by clicking on the vehicle icon present on the right-hand side of the screen. There are more free cars available there for players to drive, but this one is the best among them.

Players can check out these amazing vehicles and have a great time in the game by driving throughout the city and performing various activities.

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