Anime Defenders Codes (June 2024)

Anime Defenders Codes
Latest codes in Anime Defenders (Image via Roblox)

Assemble characters from some of the most iconic anime series ever to defend your fortress against waves of attackers with the help of Anime Defenders Codes. In this Roblox tower defense game, you can battle across various planets and explore a neon-lit central city that lets you summon troops from popular series like Bleach, Dragon Ball Z, and One Piece. You can acquire additional fighters by purchasing gems at the summoning store.

The onslaught of adversaries is relentless and must be halted, so gather your strongest forces to stand with you on the front lines. You can acquire additional fighters by using gems obtained from the featured active codes in Anime Defenders.

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All Anime Defenders Codes (Active)

Free Active codes in Anime Defenders (Image via Roblox || Sportskeeda)
Free Active codes in Anime Defenders (Image via Roblox || Sportskeeda)

The following codes are active at the moment. You should claim them as soon as you can because they might expire at any time.

List of Active Anime Defenders Codes




650 Gems (Latest)


750 Gems


500 Gems


400 Gems


250 Gems


250 Gems


1000 Gems


500 Gems


250 Gems


250 Gems


1000 Gems


50 Gems


50 Gems


50 Gems


50 Gems


50 Gems


50 Gems


50 Gems

Inactive Anime Defenders codes

Only one code for this title no longer works. Trying to redeem it will yield an error message. If any of the codes currently active are rendered invalid, the following table will be updated to reflect that.

List of Anime Defenders Inactive Codes




Free Rewards

How to redeem Anime Defenders codes

Redeem codes in Anime Defenders (Image via Roblox || Sportskeeda)
Redeem codes in Anime Defenders (Image via Roblox || Sportskeeda)

Redeeming codes in Anime Defenders is a simple process:

  • Launch Anime Defenders on Roblox.
  • You must reach Level 8 in-game to start claiming codes.
  • Click on the three dots on the upper-left side of the game.
  • Click on the Codes section.
  • Copy and paste an active code into the "Enter code here" bar.
  • Click on the blue Redeem button and enjoy your rewards.

What are Anime Defenders codes about, and what’s their importance?

Get free heroes in Anime Defenders (Image via Roblox)
Get free heroes in Anime Defenders (Image via Roblox)

Codes for Anime Defenders offer gems that enable you to obtain heroes for free. The more gems you have, the stronger the units you can use. If you have strong characters, you can brag about them as well, which is an added bonus.

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Anime Defenders codes troubleshooting [How to fix]

Anime Defenders invalid code issue (Image via Roblox || Sportskeeda)
Anime Defenders invalid code issue (Image via Roblox || Sportskeeda)

The main reason a code might not work is that it has expired. If you insert a valid code, and it doesn't get you the rewards, try to use it again after a few hours. Moreover, make sure you enter the codes correctly, as typos will prevent them for working as well.

Where to find new Anime Defenders codes

The Anime Defenders Discord stands out as the prime destination for discovering new codes. Moreover, it provides an avenue for interaction with fellow players.

Bookmarking Sportskeeda's Roblox page and visiting it regularly will also keep you informed about the latest active codes.

FAQs on Anime Defenders Codes

What are the latest Anime Defenders codes?

The latest code in Anime Defenders is "update2," which grants you 750 gems.

Which code provides the best rewards in Anime Defenders?

The code "200kholymoly" grants you 1,000 gems, making it the best code for acquiring rewards.

How beneficial are codes for Anime Defenders?

Codes provide gems, allowing you to obtain heroes for free, which you can use however you see fit.

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