Everything players need to know about Roblox Desktop app

All about the App (Image via Sportskeeda)
All about the Roblox desktop app (Image via Sportskeeda)

Roblox recently released its new desktop app. Players will see a banner on the platform's homepage that offers a link to it. The beta version was announced in February 2021 for 700 users. However, the platform is now ready to onboard everyone using the aforementioned banners that began appearing on September 15, 2022.

Developers have created this universal desktop app to make all options available in a single place. It is also meant to curtail the game's loading time. Furthermore, the graphics have been slightly upgraded. This was evident when players saw beautiful backgrounds in various games.

Roblox has a new desktop app that is meant to overhaul the gaming experience

Th app is a testament to the creators bringing bigger changes this year. The first was an audio update that didn't allow developers to use audio by other creators. Shortly thereafter, the classic "oof" death sound was changed.

Then, players saw a popular game, Adopt me! getting banned in the Netherlands and Belgium to comply with their laws. This spills into the present with the arrival of this new desktop app.

The biggest victim of the sound update was Roblox Piggy, one of the top games on the platform. The update instantly sparked a debate where some accepted the change while others were clearly upset.

Widespread discontent stems from the somewhat forceful implementation of the app. Naturally, players expressed their disappointment on social media platforms such as Twitter, Reddit, and more.

How to download the desktop app?

The homepage (Image via Roblox)
The homepage (Image via Roblox)

As soon as players login to their Roblox account on the Chrome browser, they will see a banner at the top. Clicking on "Open" will install the Roblox desktop app.

If the banner is missing, one can visit any game and they'll automatically be taken to the desktop app. The process is tremendously simple and anyone can do it with just a single click.

Why is the desktop app facing criticism?

1) Players are unhappy that they're being forced to use the desktop app

The desktop app is meant to simplify the push for notifications. After all, the platform is an advertising hub and ensuring swift delivery of notifications is vital. Hence, the developers want to ensure a 100 percent migration to the new desktop app. Furthermore, they want everyone to experience and enjoy the upgrade.

However, some players condemned its mandatory application and demanded an option to switch. Although one cannot delete the app, many have found dubious ways to bypass this. However, the unofficial process still poses a risk.

2) Some players deem the app too laggy

Many feel the app is not performing as it did on the browser, criticizing its user interface and deeming the desktop version similar to its mobile counterpart.

Here's another user who claimed that the plugins have rendered the game too laggy.

3) Unable to record perfectly

The app update has hit YouTubers harder as it's not allowing screenrecording with full efficiency. KreekCraft, a top Roblox game influencer, was on a livestream when he realized that the app was interfering with his recording.


He subsequently expressed his disappointment on Twitter.

Some players appreciated the Desktop app

With that being said, some players like the Desktop app and reckon the new updates will simplify the process for everyone.

A player on Reddit also believed that the app would be much safer and mitigate the frequent hacking sprees on the platform.

Another user claimed that the game ran much smoother on the app.


The Roblox Desktop app is available to all users. While some are happy with its implementation, many have highlighted its shortcomings. Roblox creators can be seen working on various feedback on the forum. So those who have raised concerns have something to look forward to.

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