How to play Roblox Car Driving Indonesia

Drive around in Indonesia (Image via Sportskeeda)
Drive around in Indonesia (Image via Sportskeeda)

Roblox Car Driving Indonesia is set against the backdrop of Indonesia's beautiful sceneries. It is a meticulously created game that takes players on an exciting adventure across its exquisitely portrayed environment. They can explore the finely defined cities and picturesque surroundings while experiencing the thrill of realistic driving simulations.

In addition to providing a wide range of jobs and cars, the game invites players to express their creativity by making significant modifications to their cars. The chance to gain in-game currency while navigating provides an additional sense of excitement and achievement.

Learn to play Roblox Car Driving Indonesia

Maps in Roblox CDID


Players can explore a variety of maps in Roblox Car Driving Indonesia (CDID), an open-world game that offers a rich and engaging experience and is inspired by actual sites in Indonesia. Its capital and largest city, Jakarta, is home to well-known sites like GBK, Bundaran HI, Monas, and Bundaran Senayan. The city also houses a large number of dealerships for well-known automakers.

The Jawa Barat Map offers places like Bekasi, which has a range of dealerships, and Piramida Terbalik. BSD (Bumi Serpong Damai) has a variety of locations, such as a Premium Dealership, KFL/KFC, and Toon Mall. Sentul has a racetrack and a tuning area for personalizing automobiles.

At the end of the Jagorawi Toll Road is Ciawi, which has a Densu dealer. West Java's city, Bandung, and the mountain pass Puncak each offer distinct environments with their assortment of dealerships.

Palimanan, Cirebon, Tegal, Pekalongan, and Semarang are all included in the Jawa Tengah map, which highlights the diversity of Central Java. Every location has unique qualities that capture the actual geographic and cultural aspects of the area.

Cars in Roblox CDID


Players can experience the spirit of Indonesia's automotive landscape by immersing themselves in a wide variety of cars. In addition to worldwide automakers, well-known Indonesian brands like Toyota, Honda, and Mitsubishi are featured in the game's assortment of classic, vintage, and contemporary vehicles.

There is a wide range of cars to choose from, including everyday vehicles, luxury automobiles for a hint of extravagance, and retro vehicles for a nostalgic drive. The developers put a high priority on realism, enhancing the whole driving simulation with authentic handling, intricate car dynamics, and engrossing sound design.

Whether players want an off-road adventure, a family automobile, a sporty ride, or a functional sedan, CDID provides a wide and dynamic selection of cars.

Gamepasses in Roblox CDID


A variety of gamepasses are available to improve gameplay. For R$259, players can access luxurious, exotic, and high-end cars with the Luxury Car Pass. All emergency vehicles, including restricted editions like the ambulance, police, and strobe vehicles, can be unlocked with the R$139 Emergency Vehicle pass.

Access to agile hot hatchbacks from the 1970s and fast saloons from the late 2000s is available with the R$169 Retro Pass. Players can purchase rare gems in CDID with the Rare Imports pass, which costs R$189.

Additional gamepasses that unlock additional luxury residences and apartments throughout multiple game locales are Luxury House (R$79), 2x Additional Ownable Car (R$269), Custom Plate (R$99), Custom Color (R$49), Additional Ownable Car (R$99), and +50% Job Earning (R$399).

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