Top 5 Best Eggs from the Roblox 2022 Egg Hunt

Eggs from the Roblox 2022 Egg Hunt
Everyone's favorite eggs from the Egg Hunt 2022 event (Image via Roblox)

Every year, the Roblox platform hosts an event called the Roblox Egg Hunt, where users can hunt for virtual eggs buried in different games. Each egg has a distinct design and can only be collected by accomplishing specific tasks or challenges in the game where they are buried.

Players have a set amount of time to gather all the eggs and finish the Egg Hunt, usually held around the Easter season. The latest installment of the yearly Egg Hunt event on the platform was the Roblox 2022 Egg Hunt. The event took place in April 2022 with over 40 activities where players could gather digital eggs with distinctive patterns in BedWars.

The 2022 Egg Hunt added several new features, including a unique Egg Hunt portal where participants can monitor their progress and get pointers on where to look for the eggs. There were also unique trials known as "Legendary Tasks" that required players to accomplish many objectives in various games to uncover rare eggs.

A list of top eggs from the Roblox 2022 Egg Hunt

Over 40 virtual eggs with distinctive patterns were concealed in various platform games for the Roblox 2022 Easter Hunt.


1) Steampunk Egg

It was concealed in a game requiring players to complete a difficult scavenger quest to find it. It had a fantastic steampunk-inspired design with gears, cogs, and mechanical systems. Players received a special virtual accessory for their avatar after finishing the scavenger quest and finding the Steampunk Egg.

2) Retro Egg

The Retro Egg's design was retro, evoking vintage video games from1980s and 1990s. In the game "Tower of Hell," players had to perform a series of tasks that involved scaling several more challenging towers to retrieve the Retro Egg.

3) Electrokinetic Egg

The Electrokinetic Egg was first made available as part of the Egg Hunt event in Adopt Me! game. Participants had to complete a number of challenges during the Egg Hunt event. Once retrieved, the egg was hatched to showcase a virtual pet that possessed electric-themed skills and appearances. This pet can engage with other players and explore the game area.

4) Rocktopus Egg

Another highly sought-after egg from the 2022 Roblox Egg Hunt was the Rocktopus Egg. This egg has a unique rock-and-roll octopus-inspired design with brilliant pink color and musical notes. Players had to perform tough music and rhythm activities to get the Rocktopus Egg.

5) Glacial Fossil Egg

The egg featured a distinctive design with a blue and white color scheme influenced by ancient creatures and frozen fossils. Players had to successfully perform several difficult activities connected to paleontology and archeology to obtain the Glacial Fossil Egg.

Other big events on the platform


1) Bloxy Awards: The annual Bloxy Awards honor the contributions of the Roblox community, including game designers, content producers, and others.

2) Halloween Event: Every year around Halloween, the platform organizes an event where users can participate in frightening games and win rare goodies.

3) Robloxian High School Prom: The Robloxian High School virtual prom is an annual event where participants can dress up, dance, and take prom pictures with friends.

4) Anniversary Event: Every year, the platform holds an in-game event to mark its anniversary, complete with special rewards and challenges.

5) RB Battles: Popular content developers and producers compete in various games and challenges as part of the RB Battles competitive event to win lots of Robux and an exclusive trophy.

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