Where is the ability teacher in Roblox Blox Fruits?

The Ability Teacher is an NPC found in the caves of Frozen Village in Roblox Blox Fruits (Image via Roblox)
The Ability Teacher is an NPC found in the caves of Frozen Village in Roblox Blox Fruits (Image via Roblox)

Roblox Blox Fruits is a highly-played game on Roblox that allows players to compete against one another. In this multiplayer game, users play and earn for themselves.

Gamer Robot created this Roblox title in 2019, and it has a huge fan following. More than five billion people worldwide visit the game, with approximately 3 million playing daily.

Roblox Blox Fruit is all about being the best player by learning and training new skills and abilities to the character to make it the strongest gamer and swordsman in Blox Fruits. These abilities and skills can be learned in the game by the Ability Teacher, an NPC found in the caves of Frozen Village.

Ability Teacher in Roblox Blox Fruits

What are abilities, and where can the Ability Teacher be found in Roblox Blox Fruits?


For players to become master swordsmen, they have to train their characters to become the strongest in-game. Abilities are used for that, and they are the effects and bonuses used by users to learn and use them while playing to gain advantages for their performance.

Abilities like Sky Jump, Flash Step, Enhancement, Observations, and more can be learned. The first three of them can be taught by the Ability Teacher.

Players from all levels can learn abilities such as Sky Jump, Enhancement, and Flash Step from this NPC.

Sky Jump


The ability to Sky Jump allows players to jump ten times in the air. It is to be noted that they cannot exceed ten jumps unless they have a sky race. Then users can jump more, i.e., 11 times. A Sky Jump takes away 25 to 50 energy of the player.

The ability costs 10,000 Beli (in-game currency) and can be bought from the Ability Teacher, who stays in the cave of Frozen Village.

Gamers playing from a PC will have to press the “Space Bar” while in the air to use the ability. Those on mobiles have to press the “Jump” button while in the air.

It’s a pretty cheap ability that anyone can easily afford, and it is also worth it because of its good mobility.



Enhancement can be learned by hitting, which means not killing the enemies with a fighting style or a sword’s basic click attack while Enhancement is activated. In this process, the fruit attacks and Ice/light sword attacks do not count.

And moves like “Z,” “X,” “C,” “V,” and maybe “F” will not be counted towards the Enhancement progression.

The ability can be bought for 25,000 Beli (in-game currency) and allows the user to cover themselves in black coat armor. It gives them defense and damage buffs on non-fruit weapons and moves while they are active.

Elemental users have the advantage as they increase their level of Enhancement more quickly by going to AFK and letting the NPC hit them.

Enhancement has six different stages, and upon reaching Stage 5, players will receive the “Iron Man” title. They can also change the stage visual look by talking to the Enhancement Editor NPC.

Flash Steps


The Flash Steps ability can be bought for 100K Beli (in-game currency) from the Ability Teacher. It allows gamers to teleport a certain distance by pressing “R.” Teleporting costs eight energy, and the cooldown time is 15 seconds.

Whether it be a player or an NPC, Flash Steps can only be used on the ground or on a wall. It helps travel and can also be used to do the Flash Step glitch.

Users cannot teleport in the air, but they can always teleport to someone who is in the air by pointing the cursor at that person. This can be fun, and gamers can Flash Steps to do more creative activities like escaping or sneaking next to the enemy for a close-range move.

It is also useful for escaping combos. Flash Step is a beneficial ability for users to train, and they can learn many valuable things and get lots of benefits to perfect their playstyle.

Lord of Destruction


Players can also learn the ability Observation by the Lord of Destruction. It can be bought for 750,000 Beli (in-game currency). Just as the name suggests, they can see them through opaque objects like walls.

Observation provides enhanced vision and the ability to see enemies through walls and dodge specific attacks. If a projectile (a move to break Observation) directly hits users while learning the skill, it throws them out of that state, causing the training to end. It’s known as the Observation-Break.

Dodge levels:

  • 0 EXP – Level 1-2 dodges
  • 50 EXP – Level 2-3 dodges
  • 350 EXP – Level 3-4 dodges
  • 850 EXP – Level 4-5 dodges
  • 1,400 EXP – Level 5-6 dodges
  • 2,100 EXP – Level 6-7 dodges
  • 2,800 EXP – Level 7-8 dodges

Apart from this, there are the Hungry Man, Race Abilities, and Summon Sea Beast abilities that gamers can learn.

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