Supreme Court verdict on N Srinivasan and IPL teams: 5 big developments

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The Supreme Court delivered its final verdict in the IPL spot-fixing case on Thursday. The verdict turned out to be extremely significant for several BCCI officials and some huge decisions were taken by the court.Among the many decisions taken, some of them are expected to have some key consequences as far the future of the board is concerned.Here are 5 of the biggest developments from the Supreme Court’s verdict on Thursday:

#1 Gurunath Meiyappan and Raj Kundra found guilty of betting

In a huge blow to Rajasthan Royals co-owner Raj Kundra and former Chennai Super Kings Team Principal Gurunath Meiyappan, both were found guilty of indulging in betting activities during the Indian Premier League (IPL).

The Supreme Court stated that Meiyappan and Kundra were officials of their respective IPL sides and had involved themselves in illegal activities.

The level of punishment to be imposed on the duo will be decided by a three-member independent panel formed by the court.

#2 Srinivasan not guilty of covering up

In a big decision, the Supreme Court (SC) of India noted that BCCI President-in-exile N Srinivasan was not guilty of covering up during the spot-fixing case, as there is no evidence against the 70-year-old regarding the same.

The court further added that Srinivasan’s behaviour was suspicious, but there is no proof against him to give him any kind of punishment.

"There is high probability that he was involved in corruption, but there is nothing to prove that," the court said.

However, in damaging news for the India Cements boss, the apex court said that Srinivasan did have a conflict-of-interest and added that the current ICC Chairman must now choose between being the President of the BCCI or owning the Chennai franchise in the IPL.

#3 The 6.2.4 rule and further damage for Srinivasan

In a key decision, the apex court also struck down the dodgy 6.2.4 clause which permitted BCCI officials to own IPL teams and have other commercial interests. That means that Srinivasan must now choose between either holding the top position in the BCCI or letting go of his share in the Chennai Super Kings.

The apex body also made another crucial point that if Srinivasan is willing to move away from CSK, he can still contest the BCCI elections next year.

The day got worse for him when the Supreme Court barred him from contesting the board elections this year and said that the elections will take place as per schedule. They also ordered that they should occur within a time span of 6 weeks.

#4 RR and CSK to be investigated

In yet another important call made by the court, the fate of IPL franchises Rajasthan Royals and Chennai Super Kings will now rest in the hands of a three-member panel that will decide the level of punishment.

Along with determining the level of punishment, the Committee will also provide recommendations for the changes that need to be incorporated in the BCCI Constitution and they will also provide a decision on the kind of punishment that needs to levelled on Meiyappan and Kundra. The panel has been given six months to prepare its report.

Reacting to this decision, Justice Lodha said that the apex court had entrusted a massive responsibility on their hands and said that the trio will get the job done in the given time.

"It is a huge task and a great responsibility. We will complete the task in the given time,” Justice Lodha said.

From a fans perspective, it is still undecided whether the two teams will play in this year’s edition of the Indian Premier League.

#5 Reactions

Following the verdict, reactions have been flowing in from several quarters. Former Board President AC Mutthaih called it a landmark verdict and said that he now feels a sense of vindication.

“This is a landmark judgement. I am very happy with the judgement. I feel vindicated. Srinivasan had amended the rules and so he got away with it,” he said.

Member of the 1983 World Cup win and politician Kirti Azad complemented the court verdict and said that a lot of work still needs to be done to improve the game in India.

“SC verdict is very good. I will go against everybody involved. This judgement is a tip of the iceberg. Lot still needs to be done to improve the game. Politicians should be kept out of the game then only we can clean the game. It is not only about IPL there is corruption in many board,” he said.

Petitioner Aditya Verma also reacted to the verdict, confirming that any BCCI official having a commercial interest can't contest the Board elections.

“The court has said that whosoever has commercial interest cannot contest BCCI election including N Srinivasan,” Verma said.

Former IPL commissioner Lalit Modi also said that he is very happy with the verdict and like Mutthaih, he too feels vindicated now.

“Extremely happy with the Hon. Supreme Court judgement on Srinivasan ..always believed that I would be vindicated,” Modi tweeted.

The head of the panel that was given the responsibility to get to the crux of the matter – Justice Mukul Mudgal – also responded saying that he always felt that Srinivasan never had any kind of involvement in betting.

“I have not read the order yet. Srinivasan was not involved in match-fixing and betting. Our committee also didn't found him [Srinivasan] involved in betting,” he said.

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