5 nastiest on-screen break-ups in WWE


It won’t be really characteristic of the WWE if they don’t have a male performer and female performer, whom they call superstar and diva respectively, in a love storyline. And like clockwork, all of them have to end.There are just a few couple who’ve stood the test of time but even they have had to experience bad times. That’s love in the realm of the WWE.Since Valentine’s Day’s approaching, here’s a look back at the nastiest on-screen break ups that could only happen the way they did in the WWE-

#5 Randy Orton-Stacy Keibler

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There are women who are wrestlers and there are women who are models, eye candies and are predominantly featured to depict the straightness of the male superstar and also to satiate the male audience. 

Stacy Keibler fell in the latter category and in 2005 she was paired up with Randy Orton, who was the young and restless babyface thriving in his burgeoning popularity. Both of them had a strong screen presence and it was just hard to miss their presence whenever they graced the ring or the backstage area. 

The relationship ended in that very ring with an RKO. Randy Orton delivered his fininshing move to Keibler so that he could send a message to the Undertaker about how heartless he can be. 

Remember that promo from Orton a few years ago when he said he’ll even RKO his own grandmother? Well, if that’s the case, he’s certainly carried on that ruthlessness in his character over the years.

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