3 WWE Superstars who have reportedly used dating apps, and 2 who found love that way

Several WWE Superstars have reportedly used dating applications
Several WWE Superstars have reportedly used dating applications

A few current and former WWE Superstars have tried online dating using some famous applications. Some of them succeeded in finding love that way.

Over the past few years, several people have tried to find a suitable life partner through dating websites. While some ended up having unpleasant experiences, others found true love.

Some WWE Superstars have also reportedly given famous dating applications a shot. While a few of these wrestlers preferred Tinder, two found their significant others on Bumble.

Here are three WWE Superstars who have reportedly used dating apps and two who found love that way.

#5. Former WWE Intercontinental Champion Ricochet

Over the past decade, Ricochet has had several romances with fellow wrestlers, including Tessa Blanchard and Katana Chance. However, earlier in his life, the high-flyer apparently used Bumble to try to find the right woman.

According to a report published by WrestleTalk in 2018, the former Intercontinental Champion's Bumble profile was leaked online after being discovered by a fan. The article also pointed out that the discovery has generated a lot of discussion among single women.

At the time, Ricochet was still dating Blanchard. Hence, the report predicted that he had created the profile before 2016.

The former Intercontinental Champion is currently in a relationship with SmackDown ring announcer Samantha Irvin. The couple started dating last year after Ricochet and Chance split.

#4. Former WWE SmackDown Women's Champion Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey created a fake account on Tinder using the alias Brynn Campbell
Ronda Rousey created a fake account on Tinder using the alias Brynn Campbell

After two failed relationships with MMA fighters Timothy DiGorrio and Brendan Schaub, Ronda Rousey was single in 2015 when she and her friends decided to have fun on the famous dating application Tinder, creating a fake account for the UFC Hall of Famer.

According to Sports Illustrated, Rousey created an alter ego, Brynn Campbell, on Tinder. Unfortunately, she didn't have any luck with the profile:

"S***, the only person I'm making out with is my dog," she told the magazine.

However, the former SmackDown Women's Champion later explained to Sports Illustrated that she only enjoyed playing the "yes or no" game on Tinder and was not serious about using the application:

"I've never actually used Tinder. We've made like a fake account or something, like a couple friends of mine were like 'come on Ronda, we'll play the hot or not game. And then I actually liked saying yes or no (...) so I never even tried or used it really. We just made it," she explained. (0:12- 0:30)

Later in 2015, Rousey started dating former UFC fighter Travis Browne. Two years later, the couple tied the knot. They welcomed their first daughter, La'akea Makalapuaokalanipō, in September 2021.

After nearly three years of absence, Rousey returned to WWE last January. She is currently active on SmackDown.

#3. Former Universal Champion Braun Strowman

Braun Strowman reportedly used Tinder
Braun Strowman reportedly used Tinder

In 2013, Braun Strowman joined WWE. Over the next eight years, the 38-year-old became one of the company's top superstars, winning several titles, including the Universal Championship.

While Strowman was chasing his first world title in 2017, a fan stumbled upon what was reportedly his Tinder profile. The fan made his discovery public by posting about it on Reddit, and the profile soon went viral.

The Tinder profile had Strowman's picture, his real first name (Adam), and his age at the time. It stated that he is a 6'8'', 375lb country boy who likes lifting weights and eating steaks.

WWE released the former Universal Champion from his contract last year. He is currently in a relationship with SmackDown star Raquel Rodriguez.

#2 & #1. Former NXT stars Adam Cole and Britt Baker

While Britt Baker only competed in two WWE matches before joining AEW in January 2019, her boyfriend Adam Cole spent about four years in the Stamford-based company, where he regularly competed on NXT.

Although the couple was in the wrestling business, Cole and Baker did not meet at a wrestling show or in any promotion's locker room. Instead, they found each other on the famous dating application Bumble.

In an interview with Chris Van Vliet in 2020, Baker told the story of how she and Cole kicked off their relationship:

"So, because we're both wrestlers, but we actually met on Bumble, a dating app. I was in Hershey, PA for a dental school conference and he came on Bumble but it just didn't look like him because he had his hair back and normal clothes on and anytime I’ve ever seen him in a wrestling ring he's like soaking wet, his hair is dripping wet, he has no clothes on, pro-wrestling, right? And it said his name was Austin, so for me, I'm like, this guy looks so familiar but I don't know Austin and then it finally clicked and we started talking from there," she said. [H/T: 411 Mania]

The former AEW Women's World Champion admitted that she was hesitant to go on a date with Cole after realizing who he was because his character on television was unlikable:

"It took us a while to go on a date. I was kind of hesitant because he's not the most likable character on TV and is kind of evil, but it was after New Japan, when he got home from New Japan. We went on a date, and it was ever since then, and now I live in Orlando with him," Britt Baker said. [H/T: 411 Mania]

The former NXT Champion and Baker have been dating since 2017. In August 2021, Cole left WWE after his contract expired to join his long-time girlfriend in AEW.

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