5 real-life WWE couples who never worked together on screen

Brock Lesnar & Sable (left) and Braun Strowman & Raquel Gonzalez (right)
Brock Lesnar & Sable (left) and Braun Strowman & Raquel Gonzalez (right)

A few real-life WWE couples have never worked together in Vince McMahon's company.

Several actual couples have shared the ring in Vince McMahon's company over the years, including Triple H & Stephanie McMahon. The two teamed up together in several matches and even faced each other a few times.

Two couples are also currently working together on television. Edge will team up with his wife Beth Phoenix to face The Miz and his wife Maryse at the Royal Rumble.

But a few other couples were not as lucky. Despite sharing the locker room, they never worked together in the ring.

Here are five real-life couples who never worked together in WWE.

#5. Former WWE Universal Champion Braun Strowman - NXT Superstar Raquel González

Braun Strowman joined WWE in early 2013 and made his NXT debut a year later. The Monster Among Men did not spend much time on NXT and instead, made his main roster debut in August 2015, joining The Wyatt Family.

In the six years since then, Strowman shared the ring with several superstars, including a few female ones like Alexa Bliss and Ember Moon. However, he never teamed up with or competed against his real-life girlfriend, Raquel Gonzalez.

The NXT Superstar's relationship with Strowman came to light last year as the couple posted many photos together on social media, and also attended a wedding together.

In a recent interview, the former NXT Women's Champion disclosed how her boyfriend helped her in her career despite never working together.

"Even just being around Braun Strowman and having that time to pick his brain, being a bigger person and character in the ring... it helped me get a better grasp of the kind of wrestler I wanted to portray myself as when I stepped into the ring," Raquel Gonzales said.
Not one to brag but!!!!! Hot damn!!!!

WWE released Strowman from his contract last June. Meanwhile, Gonzalez is still currently active on NXT 2.0.

#4. SmackDown Women's Champion Charlotte Flair - Former WWE Superstar Andrade

Charlotte Flair and her fiancé Andrade El Idolo shared the WWE locker for nearly six years but never worked together on television.

In an interview, The Queen disclosed that she once pitched the idea of working with Andrade to the company's creative team.

"I’ve actually pitched that. I would be very much open to that. I’ve done a lot in my career, but nobody has seen me in an on-cam relationship, or in that light. I can come across cold on TV."

However, the creative team seemingly turned down Charlotte's idea. Andrade then left Vince McMahon's company last March and a few months later, shocked the pro wrestling world by joining All Elite Wrestling.

According to reports, Andrade would now like his fiancé to join him in AEW, where they can finally work together.

Flair and Andrade started dating in early 2019 and announced their engagement a year later. A few months ago, rumors suggested the couple had split, but they turned out to be false.

#3. WWE Champion Brock Lesnar - Former Women's Champion Sable

Brock Lesnar made his main roster debut in 2002. A year later, Sable returned to WWE after being away for four years. In 2003, The Beast Incarnate and Sable started dating. In May 2006, they tied the knot.

Two years before he married Sable, Lesnar left Vince McMahon's company. Although he and his wife shared the locker room for several months, the couple never had the opportunity to work together.

In his book "Death Clutch: My Story of Determination, Domination, and Survival," Lesnar revealed that he was unhappy that Sable continued to work in the company after his departure. Hence, he asked her to quit.

"I wanted to marry Rena (Sable). However, before I could do this, I needed her to get out of WWE. 'If we want a relationship,' I told her, 'neither one of us can work for that company. We both know the long-term side effects of everything there.' That was my only demand," Brock Lesnar wrote in his book.

Sable quit her job in August 2004. Although she never returned to WWE, her husband made a comeback eight years later.

Lesnar recently captured yet another world title after defeating Big E, Seth Rollins, and Kevin Owens at Day 1. The Beast Incarnate will now defend his championship against Bobby Lashley at the Royal Rumble event.

#2. WWE Superstar Sasha Banks - Former NXT Superstar Sarath Ton

A few years before joining WWE, Sasha Banks and her husband, Sarath Ton (FKA Mikaze), met on the independent circuit. They even faced each other in a four-way match at the 2012 Beyond Off The Grid event.

Later that same year, The Boss debuted on NXT while Ton joined three years later. While Banks later became one of the best in-ring performers, her husband was not as lucky. Ton's in-ring career ended shortly after his NXT debut, when the 38-year-old suffered a career-ending injury. Hence, he had to hang up his boots.

Banks and her husband never had the opportunity to work together in a WWE ring. Nonetheless, Ton has helped his wife in another way by making her ring gear.

"I’ve been making her gear since she first started [wrestling]. Literally, just when I first met her, I knew she needed gear. I let her know, like, ‘Hey, I got you.’ It’s been working out ever since, obviously," he said in a short documentary about his work.

Banks is currently out of action due to injury. Meanwhile, her husband is now a costume designer in WWE.

#1. Women's Tag Team Champion Carmella - WWE Commentator Corey Graves

Corey Graves signed with WWE in 2011 after competing for nearly a decade on the independent circuit. In 2013, his current fiancé Carmella also joined Vince McMahon's company.

The two superstars shared the NXT locker room for a few months. But they never worked together until Graves announced his retirement from in-ring action in December 2014 due to injury.

Since Graves' retirement, he has become a color commentator and backstage interviewer. Meanwhile, the self-proclaimed Most Beautiful Woman in WWE made her main roster debut in 2016, and has become one of the top female competitors ever since. She currently holds the Women's Tag Team Championships alongside Queen Zelina.

Graves and Carmella started dating in 2019. The former NXT Tag Team Champion was still going through divorce proceedings from his first wife at the time. Hence, a few fans on social media accused Carmella of being a homewrecker.

The Princess of Staten Island addressed these accusations in an episode of Total Divas.

"When Corey and I started dating, he was already going through a divorce and he’d moved out. He has his own place. She has hers (...) I always follow the rules. I never f***ing do anything wrong(...) I even had anxiety [at] the thought of even entertaining the idea of dating him," she told Sonya Deville.

Carmella and Graves are currently on Monday Night RAW. Last October, the couple announced their engagement.

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