25 WWE Superstars who will never wrestle in AEW 

They will never appear in AEW
They will never appear in AEW
Karan Bedi

All Elite Wrestling has been making all the right noises. Their debut PPV Double or Nothing was a huge success. The show was well received, especially with the Cody vs Dustin Rhodes match going down as one for the ages. While they have two PPVs coming up, their next 'big event' PPV, AEW All Out, sold out in 15 minutes.

Moreover, there are persistent rumors that several WWE Superstars want to jump over to the upstart company once their contracts are up. AEW's signing of Jon Moxley also has created waves across the professional wrestling industry. Everywhere he goes, Jon Moxley has been driving interest amongst wrestling fans. So, it's safe that more exposure for Jon Moxley means more exposure for AEW.

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There have been several articles about which WWE Superstars will jump to AEW roster and this might be true. On the other hand, there are several WWE stars who will probably stay put where they are. There could be several reasons for this including job security, big money contracts and just being happy with their current position.

This list includes those who have re-signed with WWE, are some of the top level guys and are assumingly on good terms with WWE Management. With AEW's Second event AEW Fyter Fest coming near lets have a look at few of such WWE superstars. So here are 25 WWE Superstars who will never wrestle in AEW.

#25 and #24 Mike Kanellis and Maria Kanellis

WWE Love
WWE Love

It's true! Mike Kanellis (Bennett) and Maria Kanellis have officially re-signed with the company. Their deal is rumored to be a 5-year contract which would expire in 2024. When they both debuted in the WWE in 2017, their run was mired by several obstacles. Mike Kanellis missed out on time inside the ring due to a stint in rehab. At the same time, Maria Kanellis was pregnant with their first child.

Six months ago, they had apparently asked for their release but everything seems to have worked out. WWE is quite sure that they don't want any of their superstars to go to the competition. Mike and Maria are going to be featured heavily on 205 Live and that might be the best place for them. True love, indeed!

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