Survivor Series with Roman Reigns, join a rival’s stable to defeat The Bloodline? - 5 directions for Drew McIntyre following WWE Clash at the Castle

The Scottish Warrior could continue his bulldozing
The Scottish Warrior could continue his bulldozing

Courtesy of a new addition to The Bloodline, Drew McIntyre shockingly lost to Roman Reigns at WWE Clash at the Castle. Fans in Cardiff were left divided with the finish as they sincerely wanted their hometown hero to win.

Although WWE failed to capitalize on the hype built for the Scottish Warrior, he still has exciting opportunities ahead of him. They may be planning on lengthening his feud with The Head of the Table by adding more superstars in the fray.

On this list, we will look at five directions for Drew McIntyre following Clash at the Castle.

#5. Hunt for Solo Sikoa

The Street Champion has joined The Bloodline
The Street Champion has joined The Bloodline

Naturally, Drew McIntyre will haunt the new addition to The Bloodline. He was moments away from pinning Roman Reigns but the count was broken by Solo Sikoa. Thirsting for payback, The Scottish Warrior may end up in a feud with the NXT 2.0 superstar.

Sikoa has gained a lot of heel heat from his interference at Clash at the Castle. He will aim to continue his villainous run, propelled by The Bloodline brothers, and negate threats to The Head of the Table. Pulverizing the top babyface of WWE will be his sure-shot way to make an impact on the main roster.

Yet, Drew McIntyre may give The Street Champion a run for his money. Booting the distraction, The Scottish Warrior will resume his rampage to become the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion.

#4. Tyson Fury becomes Drew McIntyre’s mentor

Roman Reigns has retained the Universal Title against Drew McIntyre thanks to a debuting Solo Sikoa… Roman then shakes hands with Tyson Fury.Welp.#WWECastle

The Gypsy King shared a light-hearted moment with Drew McIntyre after the main event bout. Rumors of them having legit heat were debunked.

Tyson Fury recently announced his retirement from boxing. While his in-ring return to WWE seems vague, he could play a mentorship role to his Scottish brother. The undefeated WBC Champion has a lot of experience to share and WWE may be able to make the angle unfold in the upcoming SmackDown shows.

In doing so, The Scottish Warrior’s deadly arsenal of kicks could be complemented by his punching abilities, giving him a more balanced approach in fights.

#3. Feud with Karrion Kross till WWE Extreme Rules

A blockbuster showdown for the next event
A blockbuster showdown for the next event

The Doom Walker is possibly the next challenger for Roman Reigns. His multiple warnings on SmackDown as well as his appearance at Clash at the Castle hint at the same.

Recent reports indicate that Drew McIntyre is set to clash with Karrion Kross at Extreme Rules in October. This could be true as Roman Reigns is not scheduled to be in Pennsylvania and the rumored bout could be for the No.1 Contender spot. The Scottish Warrior will be a perfect opponent for Kross in his first premium event match as WWE is fixated on pushing the newcomer.

The company could also book the two challengers individually for Roman Reigns at Survivor Series. Karrion Kross can aim for the Universal Championship while Drew McIntyre can aim for the WWE Championship.

#2. Incite Sami Zayn to betray The Bloodline

To clarify, I didn’t hit Kevin Owens because I felt the ref could see me in his periphery and I didn’t want to cause Jey Uso to lose by DQ.I’ve explained this to The Bloodline and the issue has been resolved. Friday’s championship celebration will proceed as planned. Thank you.

In retribution for mind games by The Bloodline, Drew McIntyre could manipulate the Honorary Uce into doing his bidding. Most factions implode after a member turns on the group and Drew might be envisioning Sami Zayn in that position.

An exciting storyline teased on RAW involves The Usos, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. The latter failed to hit his former partner with a chair, revealing that he is still his former self.

Capitalizing on the swaying mindset, Drew could incite Zayn to turn on the Bloodline by focusing on how Solo Sikoa is getting more preference from Roman Reigns.

The Great Liberator could eventually join Kevin Owens for a shot at glory against The Usos accompanied by their brother Solo. Meanwhile, Drew McIntyre could deal with Roman Reigns at the upcoming Extreme Rules event.

#1. Join Brawling Brutes in his fight with Roman Reigns

An exciting possible addition
An exciting possible addition

Sheamus received one of the largest babyface reactions after his match at Clash at the Castle. Fans adored the fight put on by The Celtic Warrior and WWE could work on his transition to a crowd-favorite.

This is ample opportunity for Drew McIntyre to bury the hatchet with his former rival and real-life friend. Both were on the losing end at Clash at the Castle but together they may find strength. Sheamus would snap back from his struggling heel persona while Drew would have his own team to take down The Bloodline.

WWE could eventually brew a storyline based on The Scottish Warrior’s path to vengeance. While he feuds with Roman Reigns, Sheamus and Butch (fka Pete Dunne) could take on The Usos. Fans can expect a babyface faction to run the company.

Should Drew McIntyre chase Roman Reigns for the titles? Give your thoughts in the comments section below.

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