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5 ways Raw Reunion could impact current WWE storylines

Will we see another Stunner on Shane?
Will we see another Stunner on Shane?
Modified 22 Jul 2019
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The stage is set for WWE's legends to come back for one night only. The Raw Reunion is almost upon us and is merely hours away.

The big episode of Monday Night Raw was being promoted for the past two weeks, and WWE went out of its way to try and bring in all the big names from the past. Although the company succeeded in confirming dozens of WWE legends for the show, there were a few who didn't accept the invite.

Nevertheless, the show still seems jam-packed with past Superstars, and this line-up has given rise to several possibilities. Becky Lynch recently responded to Hulk Hogan's idea of taking over WWE, and this could be just a short teaser of what we might get to see on the upcoming episode.

Here are 5 ways this special edition might end up impacting current WWE storylines.

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#5. Becky Lynch gets more ruthless

Lynch and Natalya
Lynch and Natalya

The upcoming Raw Women's title match at SummerSlam is in Toronto, Canada. Becky Lynch is incredibly popular as an anti-hero and there might be a fear among backstage officials that she will get cheered during the match, while Natalya might get booed by her countrymen.


Lynch recently stated that she would beat "the bejesus out of Natalya" in Canada in front of her people, and proceeded to mockingly ask the Canadian fans whether they are okay with it. It seems that Lynch is trying to get heel heat from the Canadian fans so that Natalya doesn't get booed out of the building in Toronto.

It wouldn't be surprising if Lynch goes that extra mile tonight and takes shot at Bret Hart/Tyson Kidd for not being with Natalya on such a special occasion, in an attempt to garner heat from the Canadian fans for the upcoming match.

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Published 22 Jul 2019, 11:53 IST
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