6 WWE rumors that didn't come true this month and what if they were: Current champion to turn heel, Top Superstar to leave after MITB

Drew McIntyre and Seth Rollins (left); Rey Mysterio (right)
Drew McIntyre and Seth Rollins (left); Rey Mysterio (right)
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Modified 02 Jun 2020
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The industry of pro wrestling has evolved so much over the years. Gone are the days when kayfabe used to be a thing as we are in the Reality Era of WWE now where fans are as much as interested to know what's happening off-screen as they are about the on-screen storylines and feuds.

We all have our opinions on how the product should be, how WWE should book certain Superstars and whatnot. Another important aspect is the rumors that keep floating around the Internet. While more often than not these come out to be true, few don't. Of course, plans change on the go in this business, hence not all rumors become news.

With that in mind, I'll be starting this new monthly piece covering major WWE/wrestling news that didn't come true this month and analyzing what if they were true - the impact they could've had on the current product and the storylines.

So let's dive straight into the six WWE rumors that didn't come true in May 2020. Be sure to comment down and let us know your opinions and views on the same!

#6 Apollo Crews to turn heel

Apollo Crews has had quite an eventful month!
Apollo Crews has had quite an eventful month!

Last week on Monday Night RAW, we saw the crowning of the new United States Champion, Apollo Crews - who won his first championship in WWE. Having had a plethora of talent and skills, it's great to see Apollo finally getting a title reign. It's safe to assume that he's one of the biggest babyfaces on the RAW roster after this major win over Andrade.

But as per a rumor earlier this month, WWE was all set to turn Apollo Crews heel and he was also speculated to join MVP's new stable alongside Shane Thorn and Brendan Vink.

"They are turning him. He was going to turn on [Chad] Gable before Vince decided to move him back to RAW."

As it currently stands, this rumor did not come true as we did not see the new United States Champion turn heel this month. With the kind of attention and fan support that he has been getting over the last month or so, keeping him a babyface seems to be the right decision from WWE for the time being. There are several heels on the RAW roster who could feud with Apollo Crews for the United States title and produce some great rivalries and matches. We might see Superstars like Angel Garza, Murphy, Jinder Mahal, and even Seth Rollins challenge him for his championship.

What if WWE had turned Apollo heel?

Had the rumor been true about Apollo Crews turning heel, we probably would not have seen him win the United States Championship from Andrade. While the idea of a trio of underutilized talents in WWE sounds interesting, a heel turn here probably wouldn't have helped him a lot. RAW already has top heel Superstars and factions, and there were chances of Apollo being lost in the shuffle yet again. But at the same time, it would be interesting to see whether WWE turns him heel down the line!

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Published 30 May 2020
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