WWE RAW Results: Former universal champion challenged to 'I Quit Match'; Top star returns after nearly a year - Winners, Recap, Grades & Highlights (September 26, 2022)

We got some big surprises on tonight
We got some big surprises on tonight's episode of RAW as we head to Extreme Rules!

Bianca Belair kicked off tonight's episode of RAW with Asuka and Alexa Bliss and called out Bayley and Damage CTRL, saying that her teammates will be there at Extreme Rules to keep IYO SKY and Dakota Kai in check.

Bayley came out with her team and said that the title match at Extreme Rules might as well be a ladder match and Bianca agreed. The RAW Women's Champion then challenged IYO SKY to a match to prove just how 'extreme' she is and SKY accepted before we headed for a break.

WWE RAW Results (September 26, 2022): Bianca Belair vs. IYO SKY

Belair had control of the match early on and got some lariats in before SKY came back with knees in the corner and an octopus hold before getting a near fall off a sunset flip. Belair got kicked in the face before SKY dodged the KOD and hit a flying crossbody.

SKY got a headbutt but missed the hurricanrana as the match continued.

Bianca headed up top for a moonsault but SKY took her down and got the double knees in the corner. SKY went up top herself but got dropped outside, taking out Bayley and Kai in the process. SKY headed back to the ring and tried for a springboard move but got caught in the KOD before Belair picked up the win.

Result: Bianca Belair def. IYO SKY

Grade: B

Rey Mysterio was backstage and said that he knew that Dominik was being manipulated. He was going to take his anger out on Seth Rollins in the ring tonight.

The Miz had his own private security team called the Miz Force and he trained them to defend the A-Lister from Dexter Lumis.

Seth Rollins was out next and said that even though it would be his first time in the Fight Pit, he will eventually be declared the king of the fight pit after defeating Riddle.

Seth Rollins vs. Rey Mysterio on RAW

Rollins took a shot to the forehead and started bleeding right off the bat. Rey got a kick to the head but was hit with a backbreaker. Rey came back with a sunset flip before Rollins sent him outside.

Rollins had Mysterio on the ground at ringside when Dominik came out with a steel chair. Rollins was cautious as Dom approached him but then patted Rollins in the back before motioning for him to continue as we headed for a break.

The QR Code also popped up on the screen at this time as it had the latest White Rabbit tease.

Back on the show, Rey reversed out of the buckle bomb and got a hurricanrana before heading up top but Rollins recovered and met him up there. Rey dodged the superplex twice before Rollins tried for another powerbomb but was dropped outside.

Rey got the 619 on the apron but Rollins rolled outside. Rey followed him out but Dominik got in his way, threw the steel chair at him, and taunted Rey to beat him with the weapon.

Rhea Ripley came in from behind and pushed Rey into the ring post before Dominik sent him back in. Rollins hit the stomp and rolled Rey up to pick up the win in the ring.

Result: Seth Rollins def. Rey Mysterio

Grade: A

Bobby Lashley was hyping Riddle up backstage for his match against Rollins before we saw a member of the Miz Force lying on the ground.

Johnny Gargano & Kevin Owens vs. Alpha Academy on RAW

Gargano and Gable kicked off the match before Owens and Otis were tagged in. Owens got a big dropkick before Chad was tagged back in and was immediately taken down. Gargano got on Owens' back and they hit an assisted senton on Gable before getting a near fall.

Back after a break on RAW, Chad took a beating from Owens but managed to get back with a big suplex. Tags were made and Otis put Gargano on his shoulders before Gable came in with a top rope move. Owens broke the pin and set up Otis on the announcers' desk before hitting an elbow drop through it.

Austin Theory showed up for the assist and tried to hit Gargano with the MOney in the Bank briefcase but was kicked in the head instead. Gargano rushed Gable in the ring and got his trademark DDT before picking up the win.

Result: Johnny Gargano & Kevin Owens def. Alpha Academy

Grade: B

Finn Balor was backstage and offered AJ Styles ringside backup from Judgment Day for his match tonight but Styles rejected the offer.

Theory and the Alpha Academy were backstage and Austin got a phone call but it was meant for Chad Gable. Gable put the call on speakerphone and it turned out to be Braun Strowman challenging him to a match next week.

Omos vs. Promotional Talent on RAW

Omos grabbed both his opponents by the neck and dumped them outside before tossing them around at ringside. Back in the ring, Omos got a splash in the corner before tossing the other opponent in the ring as well and hitting a running knee.

Omos got the double chokeslam on both opponents before getting the win. After the match, Omos set both men up on the announcers' desk and posed on top of them before RAW continued.

Result: Omos def. Promotional Talent

Grade: D

The Miz was backstage and saw his entire security force lying on the ground before Dexter Lumis snuck up behind him and took him out with a chokehold.

Candice LeRae vs. Nikki A.S.H. on RAW

Nikki took things outside early on and locked LeRae up on the apron and unloaded on her. Back in the ring, LeRae got in control and took Nikki down before heading for the top rope. Nikki tried to stop the dive but took a swinging avalanche neckbreaker before LeRae picked up the win.

Result: Candice LeRae def. Nikki ASH

Grade: C

Sami Zayn vs. AJ Styles on RAW

Zayn got some big moves early on but AJ took him down and hit a knee drop for a near fall. AJ got a big rack bomb before sending Zayn outside as we headed for a break on RAW. Back in the match, AJ took a big kick to the face before Sami got a massive Blue Thunder Bomb for a near fall.

AJ fought back and got the Calf Crusher in but Sami managed to roll out of it. Zayn got a headbutt before trying to send AJ outside but took a forearm instead. Sami distracted the referee while Solo beat AJ up on the apron and hit a suplex before tossing him back in. Sami took AJ down off the distraction and got the pin!

Result: Sami Zayn def. AJ Styles

Grade: B+

Judgment Day crept up on AJ after the match and Finn smack-talked him for a bit before asking him to join them once more. AJ got up to his feet but refused once more before the stable unloaded on him.

Rhea got a steel chair and wrapped it around AJ's head before Finn ran at him for a stomp but then stopped, saying that they were friends and 'that's not what friends do.'

Damian Priest vs. Matt Riddle on RAW

The match started off with both men trading submission moves and counters before Riddle got the advantage with a suplex and a bro-ton for a near fall. The match went outside and a distraction from Balor allowed Priest to send Riddle into the barricades.

Back on RAW, Riddle was trying for a Floating Bro after taking Priest down but Damian knocked him off and he fell to the outside. Back after another break on RAW, Riddle got the Bro Derek for a near fall before Rhea delayed the top rope move, allowing Priest to take him down.

Priest got a lariat and a front face slam for a near fall before Riddle dodged the chokeslam but missed the RKO. Riddle tried for the RKO again but a distraction saw Priest take him down. We got a roll up and Riddle got the three-count before the Judgment Day attacked him.

Result: Matt Riddle def. Damian Priest

Edge came out to make the save and cleared the ring before getting on the mic and saying that no matter what he is put through, the Rated R Superstar will always come back. He challenged Finn Balor to an 'I Quit' match at Extreme Rules before RAW went off the air.

Grade: B

Episode rating: B

We got a big main event and the return of Candice LeRae tonight on RAW. Rey's feud with Judgment Day continued while Owens and Gargano picked up a big win on tonight's episode of RAW.