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WWE RAW: 5 Backstage rumors that could have a major impact - Controversial angle scrapped, Major plans for 5-time IC Champion's return  (9th March)

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Modified 10 Mar 2020, 15:25 IST


With the last stop before WrestleMania 36 - Elimination Chamber - done, WWE will look to build towards the grand show with even more zest on this week's RAW. While multiple matches have been made official for the show, there are still lots of matches that have not been confirmed by the company.

Edge will be making his return to RAW this week to address the situation with Randy Orton. What does the Edge vs Randy Orton storyline have in store? Read on to find out along with other interesting rumors that may affect RAW:

#5 Reason for Lana/Rusev/Lashley angle being scrapped

One of the hottest angles to have taken place in WWE is the controversial feud featuring Rusev, Lana and Bobby Lashley. It was being reported that McMahon was himself a fan of the feud and it came as a surprise when the angle was scrapped all of a sudden.

It had been reported by WON that the reason for stalling the Rusev/Lashley feud was because WWE wants Rusev to re-sign with them first.

There should be a Rusev-Lashley blow-off after all that build, but Rusev has been taken off TV so it looks like he never gets his revenge at the end unless his contract situation works out.

Now, PWInsider has reported that the reason Lana was absent from RAW last week was that she was shooting a movie. They also stated that WWE is done with the angle involving Liv Morgan and we will not be seeing any more on that front even if the Rusev/Bobby Lashley program restarts.

Liv Morgan had returned to RAW on the episode that featured Lana's wedding with Lashley, and revealed that Lana and she had been intimate. She also stated that Lana had betrayed her trust and that she was out for revenge.

Liv Morgan was part of the Elimination Chamber match and will likely continue feuding with her former Riott Squad teammates.

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Published 09 Mar 2020, 15:42 IST
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