WWE RAW - Best and Worst - Former champion's career is over after heartbreaking segment; huge betrayal at Clash at the Castle?

Image credits: WWE.com and Sony LIV
Liv Morgan and Dominik Mysterio (left); Sami Zayn (right) Image credits: WWE.com and Sony LIV

The final WWE RAW before Clash at the Castle had many hits and misses. Almost everything heading into the Premium Live Event was built well, although there was a hiccup.

A huge betrayal might happen this Saturday while we got a title match tonight. A lot more happened as well, with WWE RAW possibly being a popular star's final night in the company.

So, with that in mind, let's look at the biggest positives and negatives from the show.

#3. Best/Worst: Is the turn too obvious following WWE RAW?

Image credit: WWE.com
Image credit: WWE.com

As always, The Alpha Academy storyline was among the strongest parts of WWE RAW. Otis referenced his past and how Chad Gable saved him from a low point in his career. However, as good as it was this week, we may have gotten a spoiler for Clash at the Castle. And it's not good news for Gable.

Otis attacked Sami Zayn for the second week in a row while heavily teasing going after his Master. This may have been designed to ensure the angle peaks in Scotland, with Otis betraying Chad Gable there. This does mean that he'd end up failing to win the Intercontinental Championship yet again.

That would spell disaster for Gable, whose incredible heel work lately has been worthy of singles gold. Not putting the IC Title on him would be a huge mistake, even if we get an epic Otis babyface turn instead.

#2. Worst: A two-week push?

Image credit: WWE.com
Image credit: WWE.com

Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn are heading into the biggest match of their main roster career this Saturday, but it doesn't feel like it. The Unholy Union lost a lifeless tag team match against Shayna Baszler and Zoey Stark on WWE RAW, which did them zero favors in terms of crowd perception.

There doesn't seem to be any interest in building Fyre and Dawn up as credible challengers for the Women's Tag Team Titles. They will undoubtedly get a big pop at Clash at the Castle, but that's about it. This wasn't a good way to book the least-established team in the match at all.

Based on what happened on WWE RAW, it looks like Glasgow will be a one-and-done. Their push might be over just like that.

#2. Best: A fun six-man tag

The Judgment Day's six-man tag team match on WWE RAW was pretty standard, but it did achieve a few things. Dominik Mysterio is back in the ring, while Dragon Lee got the win for the babyfaces. Meanwhile, Liv Morgan potentially found out her next challenger.

She came out to seduce Dirty Dom only to get into a scrap with Zelina Vega. The LWO member stopped an intimate moment between Morgan and Mysterio. This may have been a direct indication of Liv's next feud. It's a good thing her title reign is being remembered amid the issues with Judgment Day.

The issue between Vega and Liv Morgan could grow over the next few weeks, leading to a Women's World Title match.

It can happen on the WWE RAW before Money in the Bank, potentially with Morgan's SummerSlam opponent revealed right after. Could it be Rhea Ripley? It's possible!

#1. Worst: Awesome Truth win again?!

As funny as they can be, The Miz and R-Truth have overstayed their welcome as World Tag Team Champions. Tonight seemed like the perfect opportunity for them to drop the titles, with Truth accepting a match against AOP on WWE RAW.

Akam and Rezar could have carried the World Tag Team Titles into their ongoing feud with The New Day. It would have made things more interesting, with Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston potentially winning gold again.

But, instead, they cost AOP the match, allowing Awesome Truth to win via roll-up. Not a productive outcome at all, and one that prolongs this comedic reign. The World Tag Team Championship should be in a better spot, considering the talent in the division on WWE RAW.

#1. Best: Bron Breakker is on fire

What a night this was for Bron Breakker! Not only did he defeat Ilja Dragunov in a fantastic 15-minute match, but the former NXT Champion also decided to end the career of one of his fellow WWE RAW stars.

Ricochet stopped him from spearing Dragunov through the barricade after their match, which ultimately led to his storyline demise. After nailing a spear on The Mad Dragon backstage, Breakker took things to another level. He tossed Ricochet around, slamming him into a production truck.

Bron Breakker ultimately powerslammed him through a car windshield. This was a great angle and a solid way to write Ricochet off as he is headed for the exit door. Samantha Irvin was fantastic, too, as her tears made the situation even more intense. She left WWE RAW to accompany her fiancé to the hospital.

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