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5 One Piece characters who are most disliked and 5 who are the most wholesome (Images via One Piece)

5 most disliked One Piece characters (& 5 who're a breath of fresh air)

One Piece has a treasure trove of some of the most memorable characters in Shounen. While some of them are hated and often disliked, it doesn’t sully the fact that Eiichiro Oda has masterfully created the world and filled it with incredibly colorful characters that fans find hard to forget.

As there are various disliked characters and fans find it quite annoying to bear every time they get some screen time, there are also those who are a breath of fresh air.

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5:30 AM · Apr 7, 2022

One Piece balances the two sides rather well, and for every disliked character in an arc, the mangaka was able to provide the audience with one who is extremely wholesome and pivotal to parts of the ensuing narrative.

Today’s list will look to go over 5 characters in the series that are the least popular in the fan base and are the most disliked, and 5 who have been nothing but a fresh breath of air.


5 One Piece characters who are most disliked


One Piece has quite a diverse fan base, where the community is quite opinionated about some of the prevalent debates surrounding the series. Hence, today’s list will not represent a universal consensus but rather reflect the writer’s own thoughts and opinions regarding the subject.

The One Piece community's diversity and differences of opinion make it one of the best Shounen in anime history.

5) Wapol

Wapol's capture (Image via One Piece)

The Drum Island arc was an instrumental part of the One Piece narrative for primarily two specific regions. One is the introduction of Tony Tony Chopper and his eventual addition to the Straw Hat crew, and the next is the introduction of one of the most disliked and annoying characters in the series history, “Tin-Plate” Wapol.


During the Drum Island arc, it’s shown how this incredibly corrupt, obese, selfish, and spoiled monarch was able to bring his entire kingdom to ruins.


Wapol never really cared for his subjects and was more focused on amassing power and wealth than looking after the welfare of his kingdom. He was also a coward, and when his kingdom was attacked, fans saw how he abandoned everything and escaped by taking all of his soldiers and doctors along with him, leaving the citizens to fend for themselves.

Wapol was also a sadist and often took great pleasure in physically torturing people and forcing them to do his bidding.

4) Trebol

Trebol (Image via One Piece)

While Trebol has an incredibly unique design in One Piece, he is also very much disliked by the community. He is one of the top three officers of the Donquixote Pirates, as well as the acting Staff superior, who is personally responsible for fostering Doflamingo’s cruelty and hatred from a very young age.

The Dressrosa arc showed a full picture of the amount of pain, sorrow, and destruction that Doflamingo had caused when he grew up, and Trebol was the one who started it all with how he nurtured him.


Apart from his machinations, Trebol's base personality and character also do him no good, and his Devil Fruit powers complement his nature perfectly. The Beta Beta no Mi, turns him into a gigantic booger snail, making him more disgusting than he already was.

Trebol is violent, sadistic, and often rash with how he deals with certain situations. He doesn’t think twice before inflicting pain, and will always be hated for his act of setting dwarves aboard a ship just to see them die.

3) Kurozumi Orochi

Orochi (Image via One Piece)

Although Orochi has a tragic past, his suffering at the hands of the Wano nobles does not excuse his actions and the amount of pain that he himself inflicts over the course of the arc.

His manipulation from the inside and his eventual siding with Kaido the Yonko was one of his biggest criminal acts in Wano. Not only did it lead to the death of Oden, who was one of the most likable characters in the series, but also turned the land into a polluted industrial hub, where large portions of the citizens lived in poverty with only the rich and affluent gaining Orochi’s favor.


The once lush land of Wano was turned into a wasteland outside the flower capital, where people who ate the defective fruits from the SMILE factory were left emotionally damaged, and all they can do now is laugh no matter how much internal sorrow they are in.

It was an amazing moment for One Piece fans when Kaido too got sick of Orochi and decided to cut off his head in front of this entire crew.

2) Spandam

Spandam (Image via One Piece)

One Piece’s Enies Lobby arc is considered among the top five arcs of all time in the series. It was a turning point in the grand narrative, where audiences finally fell in love with Nico Robin after her heartfelt and emotional cry of “I want to live!” This was one of the most iconic scenes in the series, which prompted Luffy to declare war against the World Government.

However, apart from the Robin scene, there was another memorable and incredibly hated character that the anime introduced.


Spandam, the former chief of CP9 and CP5, was the one pulling the strings behind all the proceedings in the arc, keeping Rob Lucci and other Zoan fruit users as his sword and shield.

Spandam is a schemer and a terrible coward who forces the CP9 to do his dirty work while he flees and hides. He lacks any redeemable qualities, and fans loved it when Robin used her powers to break his back.

1) Saint Charlos

Charlos (One Piece)

Charlos embodies the festering disease of the One Piece universe, which are the World Nobles. He is, without doubt, the most hated character in the series, and that’s saying something based on how short of a screen time he has gotten through the entirety of the anime.

He is a worse version of what Helmeppo once was and is a spoilt brat of a family that lacks any sense of responsibility compared to his sister, Shalria. He has a dreadful habit of picking his nose sometimes and has a very abusive nature, where he enjoys inflicting pain on the commoners around him.


Where his sister takes it upon herself to kill a slave when she is not happy with it, Charlos goes a step further and gets down to torture. When a slave crosses him, he pushes him to the limit till he collapses and then sells him off to ensure that the man continues to be a slave to the World Nobles.

One Piece fans loved it when Luffy punched him during the Sabaody Archipelago arc and completely knocked him out.

5 One Piece characters who are a breath of fresh air

5) Laboon

Laboon (Image via One Piece)

Despite being a whale, the heavily emotional and surprisingly understanding Laboon is an incredibly wholesome character in One Piece. It’s his interactions with the Rumbar Pirates and how he would listen to Brook’s music, that makes him so very lovable.

It even made way for a very emotional scene in the series, when Laboon decided to wait for the Crocus crew for 50 years after Brooke decided to leave him behind as the Grand Line was a very dangerous place to take him.


Laboon waited for the crew for all that time and even refused to accept the fact that the crew members might have passed on.

He is strong-willed and stubborn, and his unusual happiness and desire to help Luffy and his crew make him one of the most lovable characters in the series.

4) Toko

Toko (Image via One Piece)

Toko’s tragic past and the suffering that she had to endure because of Orochi and Kaido make her an equally lovable and heartbreaking character to talk about in One Piece. The Wano arc was able to make the audience go through a series of emotions, and many consider it to be one of Oda’s best works yet.

Toko was introduced in the Land of Wano as a Kamuro of Komurasaki, she was one of the many victims of SMILE, and was unable to express any negative emotions.


She constantly laughs, no matter how much sorrow builds up inside of her, and her lack of self-control over her laughter even got her and Komurasaki into trouble with Orochi.

Even when held at sword point or seeing her adoptive parent Yasui shot to death in front of her, all Toko could do was laugh. It was heartbreaking for fans to see just how much suffering she and children like her were going through in the Land of Wano.

3) Silvers Rayleigh

Rayleigh (Image via One Piece)

Rayleigh is one of the most light-hearted and fun-loving characters in One Piece, who goes where the tides take him. The former member of the Roger Pirates is incredibly powerful and is called the “Dark King” by the World Government.

Although retired, Rayleigh played a pivotal role in Luffy’s development and was one of the benefactors behind him learning Haki and growing more powerful during the time skip.


Much like his captain Gol D. Roger, Rayleigh, too, is a very casual person, and his light-hearted nature makes him so much loved by the community.

However, he can be scary when it gets serious, and during the Wano arc, it was shown how Rayleigh was once an impatient person who did not like to put up with the antics of the younger crew members. He was often seen scolding Shanks and Buggy for all the trouble that they got themselves into.

2) Nekomamushi

Nekomamushi (Image via One Piece)

Just like Rayleigh, Nekomamushi too does what he pleases, he takes great pride in his status, and as one of the Dukes of Mokomo Duekdom, he is a very potent fighter who is instrumental in the fight against Kaido in the Wano arc.

He is one of the most stubborn characters in One Piece who does not like to be ordered around. He loves his freedom more than anything else and always looks for a way to have fun with his subordinates.


Even when Chopper ordered him to rest while he was being treated for his injuries, Nekomamushi claimed that he would only go to bed when he decided to and not when ordered.

Compared to the more straightforward Inuarashi, Nekomamushi is much more colorful as a character, and his personality does at times feel like a breath of fresh air.

He breaks a fair number of stereotypes and is very much loved by the community.

1) Carrot

Carrot in Sulong form (Image via One Piece)

Carrot’s child-like sense of wonder and caring nature do indeed make her a very lovable character in One Piece. However, she shows a range of emotions throughout the series, and can go from sweet and naive, to downright feral and angry, but if she does get worked up, a pat on her head is more than enough to calm her down.

While classified as a Mink Warrior, Carrot’s nature is quite the opposite of the role she is attributed to. Her child-like wonder and surprise at everything that she is experiencing in the outside world make her a very wholesome character.


While she plays the child most of the time, Carrot can be extremely reliable when the situation calls for it.

Her transformation into a Sulong makes her incredibly powerful, and when serious she can indeed be very smart and cunning. There were moments when she was able to draft up a plan in a matter of moments and then execute on it.

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