Modern Warfare 3 claims the top-selling spot on all platforms after a week of its release

Modern Warfare 3 top selling on all platforms (Image via Activision)
Modern Warfare 3 has been selling well on all platforms (Image via Activision)

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, despite facing criticism from both reviewers and fans, has achieved an impressive feat by claiming the top-selling spot across PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam for an entire week after its launch. In the gaming industry, the Call of Duty franchise remains a force to be reckoned with, consistently captivating audiences with each new release.

Even with subpar reviews and fan criticism, Modern Warfare 3 has proven its commercial prowess by becoming the best-selling game on Xbox and securing the top spot across multiple platforms. The game's success is exemplified by its rapid ascent to the highest position in sales charts and how it outperformed other notable titles shortly after its November 10 release.

Modern Warfare 3 top-selling game on digital charts

Notably, Modern Warfare 3's triumph is not restricted to physical sales, as it has also dominated digital platforms. The game's status as the best-selling title on Steam, both before and after its global release, reinforces its popularity in the digital gaming sphere.

While physical sales in the first week may have seen a decrease compared to its predecessor, the full extent of its success hinges on the yet-to-be-revealed digital sales figures.

Mixed reception

Despite facing criticism for a lackluster single-player campaign and accusations of recycled content, Modern Warfare 3 has defied the odds and emerged as a frontrunner in the gaming market.

Metacritic's dismal user score of 1.7 out of 10 and the mostly negative early Steam reviews do not appear to have impeded the game's commercial success or dissuaded players from buying the latest installment in the Call of Duty series.

The success story

The resounding success of MW3 raises questions about the factors contributing to the enduring popularity of the Call of Duty franchise. Even after a less-than-enthusiastic beta phase, the game quickly ascended to the top-selling charts, surpassing major competitors like CS2 and Fortnite, which are F2P titles.

While debates persist about the decline of the franchise's single-player mode, some argue that the multiplayer mode compensates for any other shortcomings. Modern Warfare 3's ability to adapt and resonate with its dedicated fanbase highlights the franchise's unique appeal and its capacity to draw players.

Another record-breaking launch

The new installment continues the tradition of breaking records for the Call of Duty series. While physical copy sales are down by 20% when compared to MW2 in the UK market, it's still topping charts in PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam stores online. This accomplishment solidifies the game's status as a cultural phenomenon, with it setting new standards for entertainment launches.

Modern Warfare 3's swift climb to the top-selling spot on all platforms within a week of its release underscores the Call of Duty franchise's resilience and ongoing popularity. The game's ability to secure widespread success highlights the relationship between developers, publishers, and a dedicated fanbase that consistently propels the Call of Duty series to new heights.

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Edited by Siddharth Satish
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