"I don't think it'll be like Warzone 1 again" Jukeyz on upcoming Warzone map, Modern Warfare 3, WSOW, and much more

Liam "Jukeyz" James in Redbull Gaming Sphere (Image via Redbull)

Call of Duty: World Series of Warzone's Global final is almost here. Before the biggest competitive tournament of the CoD battle royale begins, pro player Liam "Jukeyz" James hosted the World Series Warm up BootCamp, at Red Bull Gaming Sphere, a state-of-the-art facility in London. Debabrata Naiya of Sportskeeda Esports got the opportunity to talk to Jukeyz during the event regarding their preparation ahead of the final, upcoming Modern Warfare 3, Warzone map, and much more.

During the interview, Jukeyz predicted their chance in the grand tournament, how they are warming up, the rivalries between NA and EU regions, the upcoming WZ map, and some tips for those eager to know how pro players think and practice during a tournament. Read on for the full exclusive interview with Liam "Jukeyz" James.

Jukeyz talks about WSOW preparation, Modern Warfare 3, the new Warzone map, and the NA vs. EU rivalry


Q. Since the World Series of Warzone Global Final will be held on September 16, 2023, it's already exciting for us to cover the grand CoD tournament. How are you preparing ahead of it?

Jukeyz: The way I usually do, to be honest, I just put in a lot of game time getting in practice, playing with the team, trying to play every tournament I can possibly play, and try and get in that mindset of winning. And that's it really, just start putting in practice. Another thing as well, which is new this year, is spending time with my family. So we've got a newborn, and I spend loads of time with my family, and looking after them is the real reason why I'm doing this and why I want to be so successful.

Q. It would be great for fans to know some secrets about your training and some tips regarding how to get better in the game.

Jukeyz: So WZ doesn't change so much, as the map doesn't change much throughout the year leading up to the World Series of Warzone. I've been learning so much from the day it got released; the map doesn't really change, and the places, routes, and rotations all stay the same. People should watch pro players for other tips and tricks, as you’ll learn all the best plays and movements from them.

Q. Since WSOW brings top players from both NA and EU to the same place, what is your opinion regarding the rivalry between the two regions?

Jukeyz: I don’t really see it as a proper rivalry. Don't get me wrong, on Twitter and stuff Call of Duty fans, players and pros have a bit of banter, but I just don’t think about it. I enjoyed my time over there last year and getting to play against the NA players on the same ping, but I’m also looking forward to playing on the same ping as them again this year.

Q. Which WZ trio do you think has the best chance to grab the crown and become world champions?

Jukeyz: I think my trio has the best chance, to be honest. There are a couple of other teams that are also really good, but the way my team has played in the last two tournaments, I definitely think that we have a great chance.

Q. Despite the regional expansion, do you think Call of Duty should expand WSOW more? Should teams from more regions actively participate in the World Series of Warzone in the upcoming future?

Jukeyz: Call of Duty is really good for Warzone and WSOW at the moment. They’re putting up a great prize pool, and the event itself will be fantastic. Maybe in the future, I’d like to see them go bigger to include more regions in the WSOW, but if the viewership for this year is amazing, I think they would think about it.

Q. With Modern Warfare 3 coming, Warzone will go through some major changes. Slide Cancel and Reload Cancel are returning with some major movement changes. Do you think the next Warzone will be a paradise for pro players? What is your opinion regarding it?

Jukeyz: I don’t think it’ll be like Warzone 1 again, nothing can replicate that. I do think that the skill gap between casuals and pros will be much bigger than this year, though, as it’s another skill to master. Movement-based gameplay is fun as it’s way more fast-paced and keeps me engaged with the game, and it made the Resurgence mode so fun to play.

Back in Warzone 1, I could squad wipe so easily – I could hop in through one window, down someone, jump in through another window, and get someone else; it was so fun. In this Warzone, I’ve got to jump in, down someone, and then run away, and it’s quite hard to squad wipe like you used to.

Q. Have you played the next Warzone map? If yes, then it would be nice for the fans to know how it feels. Please give us a spoiler-free review if possible.

Jukeyz: Not yet, but I’ll be heading to Call of Duty: Next later this year, so hopefully, I’ll get some good experience then.

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Edited by Adarsh J Kumar