Can you still play Warzone 1?

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Can you still play Warzone 1? (Image via Activision)

After being re-released as Warzone Caldera on April 20, 2020, Warzone 1 still remains one of the most popular Call of Duty titles. Since the release of Warzone 2, and subsequently MW2, the majority of the Call of Duty player base transitioned into these titles. However, Warzone 1, despite being replaced by these two games, is still playable and active with live servers in 2023.

If players miss the old experience and the maps of the game, they can boot up the game and have a fresh run of nostalgia as they hit the battlefields of the first generation of Warzone again.

Will Warzone 1.0 shut down?

According to Activision's official announcement, Warzone Caldera will be formally closed down on September 21, 2023. While this news is quite heartbreaking for enthusiasts of the game, sundowning the game seems like a reasonable option for developers considering the active involvement of players in Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2.

When released as Warzone Caldera, the game served players during the peak period of lockdowns and restrictions of COVID-19. During such a bleak time period, the game filled up players' lives with a sense of distraction from reality and offered them a place to relax and enjoy to their heart's content without risking their lives.

With merely two months left, players will get this little span to make the best out of their time as they queue up for matches in Warzone 1. Most of the game modes have been taken out, and only the legacy battle royale modes are available. With the reality of the game's shutdown being imminent, players should possibly not be expecting any new content or updates to the game in the upcoming months.

Inventory Status

When Warzone 1 was re-released as Warzone Caldera, players were pleased with the retention and transfer of all their in-game operator skins, weapon cosmetics, badges, and any other in-game consumables to the succeeding title.

However, as the game edges towards its deletion, players, unfortunately, will not be able to retain any of the in-game items they had collected during their time grinding the game. Unless Activision releases a notice saying otherwise, every cosmetic owned will be deleted from the game. There is no news of any possibility of being able to transfer them to either Warzone 2 or any upcoming title.

While a lot of the players within the community believe the shut-down of Warzone 1 is possibly due to Activision catering to its player base for Warzone 2 and MW2, however, with the developers confirming the release of Modern Warfare 3, it is highly possible resources are being allocated for its development to ensure its success when it releases.

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