Iconic CoD Vanguard weapons are reportedly returning in Warzone and MW3

CoD Vanguard weapons returning in Warzone and MW3
CoD Vanguard weapons returning in Warzone and MW3 (Image via Activision)

Iconic weapons from Call of Duty Vanguard are reportedly returning in Warzone and MW3. Previously, dataminers revealed that the OG Kar98k is coming back in MW3 and CoD battle royale. With the release of Rebirth Island and a tease from Activision, the sniper rifle's return in the game felt assured. However, from the recent datamined information, it seems like the OG Kar98k from the Modern Warfare (2019) is not returning; instead, we are going to have the one from the Call of Duty Vanguard.

Not just the Kar98k, but another fan-favorite assault rifle from the World War 2 era game is also returning in Warzone and MW3. If you want to learn about all the returning leaked weapons in Call of Duty, read below.

All returning weapons in Warzone and MW3 leaked

According to popular leaker @BobNetworkUK, the STG44 and the Kar98k from the CoD Vanguard are returning in Warzone and Modern Warfare 3.

Moreover, not just the weapons from CoD Vanguard, a classic Shotgun is also returning that was a part of the CoD Black Ops Cold War arsenal. According to the leak, the SPAS-12 might join the current Warzone and MW3 arsenal in the near future.

The STG44 has always been one of the most versatile weapons from the World War 2 era. In Warzone Pacific and CoD Vanguard, it was a great choice both in close and long-range combat. Given it's poularity in both the CoD battle royale and Vanguard, the return of the classic weapon is something that the community would absolutely love.

As for the Kar98k, it was the most popular weapon when Rebirth Island dropped in Warzone with Black Ops Cold War. The sniper rifle's effectiveness in mid-range combat made it everyone's top preference. Given the current leak, that version of the Kar98k is probably not returning in Warzone and MW3. However, the Vanguard version was also hailed by the community due to its range and accuracy in mid to long-range gunfights.

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