Who won $100,000 Solo Yolo in WSOW Global Final 2023?

Solo Yolo champion
Solo Yolo champion in WSOW 202 (Image via Call of Duty)

After a nerve-wracking final circle that had spectators on the edge of their seats, skullface emerged victorious in the $100,000 Solo Yolo competition in the WSOW Global Final 2023. Subsequently, his squad — Team HisokaT42 — came second and won $80,000. While this all-or-nothing Battle Royale event started with a bang, with all eyes on Biffle and his teammates in the Global Final, skullface showed why he is revered as a top solo player.

Read on the learn more about the Solo Yolo results in WSOW Global Final 2023.

WSOW Global Final 2023 Solo Yolo result: skullface emerges victorious and clenches $100,000

With 10 kills in total, skullface ended the tournament in style. In the final game's last zone, this player used a water pipe to get a high-ground advantage. He first killed Authorized, who was hiding in a bush. Then, he jumped down and killed bbreadman, who was holding his fort with a Riot Shield.


After getting 28 kills in the WSOW Global Final and coming second with HisokaT42, this event was surely one of the greatest moments for skullface. Solo Yolo has been one of the most entertaining tournaments in competitive Warzone for a long time. Its all-or-nothing format has always been the center of the attraction, as it requires patience and tactical gameplay.

This year's Solo Yolo was special because, for the first time, 150 players from all around the globe participated in this LAN tournament.

WSOW Global Final 2023 Leaderboard

Besides Solo Yolo, the rest of this tournament was electrifying as Team Biffle became the champion of the World Series of Warzone Global Final 2023.

Here are the top 10 teams from this 6-match event:

Team BIFFLE218.2
Team HISOKAT42143.4
Team ALMOND139.4
Team DEUS AMIR125.8
Team WARSZ102.2
Team JOEWO102.2
Team BRAXTVN99.8
Team STEWO80.2
Team JUKEYZ76.4

Here are the top 10 players based on eliminations:


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