3 funniest hit-wicket dismissals in 2023

There have been some funny hit wicket dismissals in 2023
There have been some funny hit-wicket dismissals in 2023

Hit-wicket is an embarrassing form of dismissal for a batter in cricket. Hit-wicket means that the batter himself got the bails off the stumps with his bat or his body while facing a delivery.

As per the rules of cricket, even if a batter plays a shot but dislodges the bails off the stumps with his bat or body after it, he is out hit-wicket. Sometimes, the batters end up hitting the stumps with their backfoot when they stand deep inside the crease, while on some occasions, they lose their balance and end up rattling the stumps.

Some of the hit-wicket dismissals are funny to watch for the audience. In this listicle, we will look at the top three funniest hit-wickets of 2023 so far.

#1 Toby Roland-Jones gets out hit-wicket on a ball where he hit a 6

During a County Championship Division One match between Middlesex and Warwickshire earlier this year, Middlesex captain Toby Roland-Jones hit the stumps with his bat in the follow-through after hitting a six.

The incident took place in Middlesex's first innings. Middlesex had already taken the first-innings lead, and Roland-Jones tried to play some big shots to give his team a bigger lead. When he hit spinner Ed Bernard for a six, he swung the bat so hard that it ended up hitting the stumps on the follow through.

County Championship's official Twitter account shared the video on the social media website with the caption:

"Out hit wicket?! Toby Roland-Jones thinks he has planted the ball for six but knocks the bails off in his follow-through."

#2 Ayush Badoni hits the stumps after a brilliant 6 in IPL 2023

A similar incident took place in IPL 2023 as well. During a league-stage match between the Lucknow Super Giants (LSG) and the Royal Challengers Bangalore at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium, LSG needed seven runs off nine balls when left-arm pacer Wayne Parnell was bowling the 19th over.

Ayush Badoni was on strike to face the fourth ball of the over. The right-handed batter received a full-toss. He moved towards the fifth stump line and attempted an aerial shot over the fine-leg decision. While he timed the shot well, Badoni could not control his bat and ended up hitting the stumps.

While Lucknow Super Giants ended up winning the match on the last ball, they could have won the match earlier had Badoni got the six runs off that delivery in the 19th over.

#3 Hard luck for Irshad in Ghani Institute of Cricket match

Ghani Institute of Cricket is Pakistan's only cricket institute. Situated in Lahore, this institute helps the players work on their games and take it to the next level. It also organizes tournaments to train the players in a better way.

In April 2023, a clip from this tournament gained attention on social media. It was from the first semifinal of GRT 2023 between Ghani Ceramics and HB Lal Group. HB Lal's batter Irshad missed a ball from Ghani Ceramics' Ali. He swung the bat so hard that it hit the stumps in the follow-through.

You can watch the video in the above tweet.

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