'MS Dhoni blew Shahrukh Khan away in the Videocon commercial,' says adman Piyush Pandey

Piyush Pandey named MS Dhoni as the best actor among all cricketers
Piyush Pandey named MS Dhoni as the best actor among all cricketers
Kartik Iyer

Renowned adman Piyush Pandey picked MS Dhoni as the best actor among all the cricketers. He cited the example of a Videocon commercial where the former Indian captain had outperformed even Shahrukh Khan.

Piyush Pandey, who is a former Ranji cricketer, shared his views on the association of cricketers with the commercial world in the latest edition of the podcast '22 Yarns' with Gaurav Kapur.

On being asked who is the best actor on screen among all the cricketers, Pandey was quick to take MS Dhoni's name while giving the example of a Videocon commercial that the Chennai Super Kings captain had done with Shahrukh Khan.

"MS Dhoni. If you don't believe me, see a Videocon commercial of some 10 years or something back where Dhoni and Shahrukh Khan are in the same ad. You see it and tell me why do I say so."

While Gaurav Kapur mentioned that it was not easy to match frames with SRK, who is a scene-stealer, Pandey went on to say that it was MS Dhoni who outshone the superstar in that commercial.

"In that particular commercial, with all due respect to SRK, MS Dhoni blew him away. He is amazing."

Piyush Pandey on his long association with MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni has done many commercials with Piyush Pandey
MS Dhoni has done many commercials with Piyush Pandey

Piyush Pandey was further asked about the first time he had worked with MS Dhoni. The Executive Chairman of Ogilvy India responded that it was the same Videocon commercial that they had worked together for the first time, followed by multiple other engagements.

"I think that [Videocon commercial] was the first time we worked together. Then we worked for a cement commercial later on, then for Lava mobile phone. Time and again we have worked with him."

Pandey labelled MS Dhoni as an effortless actor, which makes it easy to work with him.

"There is something about him, he is effortless. And more effortless is better for me. The honesty really comes through."

He also commended MS Dhoni's commitment and sincerity, and appreciated him as a human being.

"MS Dhoni enjoys it and is also very sincere. He couldn't care less if you are a rockstar or a driver. He is a normal human being, who really comes out nicely."

Piyush Pandey also reminded Kapur that he was the first person to shoot a commercial with Sachin Tendulkar.

"I was the first one to use Sachin Tendulkar. Its shown in his film also. It was for Band-Aid, where he is playing tennis ball cricket with the youngsters in the colony. That was in my early days. I have worked with him many times later also."

He also talked about the latest commercial he did with Sachin Tendulkar for the Skill India campaign and appreciated the excellent job done by the Master Blaster.

"The last commercial I did with him was for the Skill India campaign. It's a lovely commercial and I think Sachin did a great job. I really had a good time working with Sachin on the Skill India campaign."
Edited by Sai Krishna
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