Pakistan vs South Africa World Cup Head to Head Stats

Last Modified Oct 13, 2022 14:45 IST

PAK vs SA T20 World Cup Head to Head Stats

Pakistan vs South Africa matches has taken place three times in all of T20 World Cups so far with Pakistan having the upper hand with winning all the three fixtures.

Pakistan2 wicketsSouth AfricaColombo (RPS)lostSri Lanka28 Sep 2012
Pakistan11 runsSouth AfricaGros IsletwonWest Indies10 May 2010
Pakistan7 runsSouth AfricaNottinghamwonEngland18 Jun 2009

PAK vs SA Cricket World Cup Head to Head Stats

Pakistan and South Africa faced each other in World Cup 5 times so far. South Africa defeated Pakistan 3 times. Last time they met in World Cup 2019, where Pakistan defeated South Africa by 49 runs, which led to elimination of South Africa from the tournament.

6/23/2019Pakistan49 runsLord's
3/7/2015Pakistan29 runsAuckland
6/5/1999South Africa3 wicketsNottingham
2/29/1996South Africa5 wicketsKarachi
3/8/1992South Africa20 runsBrisbane

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