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Sachin Tendulkar stops bikers without helmets on the road, says ‘Helmet Dalo’

This was a caring gesture by Tendulkar, urging motorists to wear a helmet while riding their motorcycle.

News 10 Apr 2017, 15:25 IST
Tendulkar has been part of a few different social initiatives

What’s the story?

Former cricketer, and now a parliamentarian and occasional singer, Sachin Tendulkar is seen spreading road safety awareness as he turns into an activist at a traffic signal, to urge bikers to wear helmets.

The Rajya Sabha MP posted a video on his Twitter page, in which he is seen in the back seat of his car, asking bikers to not drive without wearing helmets.

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"Helmet Dalo!! Road safety should be the highest priority for everyone. Please don't ride without a helmet," he posted.

"Promise me you will wear a helmet. It's dangerous for you. Life is very precious. Is that a promise?" Tendulkar continues before his car goes past the bikers.

In return, the men are heard saying "yes sir" to Tendulkar's appeal.

In case you didn’t know..

Tendulkar has turned into a social activist in his second innings after retirement. He has adopted villages in Maharashtra and offered homes and basic facilities to villagers. He has also been featured in education campaigns run by Mumbai Indians, as well as in platforms promoting the welfare of children.

The heart of the matter

In the video uploaded on Twitter, a couple of bikers without helmets are surprised as Tendulkar calls on them to abide by the road safety rules. However, the social awareness turned into a fanboy moment for the bikers, who took out his smartphone to take a quick selfie with the cricketer.

As the former Indian opener’s car drives off, he is also seen waving at other motorists and asking the ones without helmets to abide by the rules. This happened during Tendulkar's visit to Hyderabad to attend the opening ceremony of Indian Premier League.

What’s next?

Since the awareness is being spread by one of the most followed celebrities of India, it will be interesting to see how much of a difference Sachin’s road safety awareness programme actually makes.

Author’s Take

Sachin Tendulkar almost never came out to bat without wearing a helmet in his long cricketing career, and though the helmet he is advocating is a tad bit different from the cricketing gear, the cricketer’s stature in the country is sure to make a difference in India’s road safety rules. 

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