Top 5 all-time controversies of IPL

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Enter caption Ashwin received criticism aplenty for running Jos Buttler out at the non-striker's end. Not the best place for cricketers to be? Not even Shahrukh Khan is too big for Wankhede security. Sreesanth and Harbhajan Singh were involved in an ugly incident in the first season of the IPL. Rajasthan Royals were embroiled in a spot-fixing scandal back in 2013.

The Indian Premier League, or IPl, has emerged as the sixth most popular among sports leagues ever since its inception in 2008. The cash-rich cricket league is the only sport to be telecast on YouTube channel. Along with the popularity comes controversial moments too.IPL also has its share of such controversies. A few of them died faster, but a few more raged for a longer time.

Kheltalk after proper analysis, has listed the top five controversies of the IPL below. The countdown is as follows:

5. Ashwin's Mankading

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Ravichandran Ashwin is never known to hold back. Sometimes it could be a retort to a criticism levelled at him and sometimes on the field.

In the 2019 IPL matches, he ' Mankaded’ Jos Butler and derailed a certain win for Rajasthan Royals against KXIP. When Ashwin was about to release the ball, he saw Butler advance a step or two away from the crease and flicked the bails. It was given out, and RR lost the match from s healthy position. Butler later said that he was indeed inside the crease (the bat) till the point of delivery. However, it created many controversies, with one half supporting Butler and the others justifying Ashwin's Mankading.

Ashwin in the 2020 league refrained from doing so to Aaron Finch and warned him. Later on, he said, ' Aaron is my friend'!

4. The drugs warriors

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Pune Warriors was an IPL franchise formed in 2012 but became defunct later. Even though their performance inside the field was nothing much, the activity outside it courted controversy.

Wayne Parnell (SA) and Rahul Sharma (Ind) were found at a party with many film personalities. The police raided the place and arrested the two players along with a few more. Both players refused to have used narcotics, but they did test positive later, and no action was taken.

3. Sharukh Khan vs the Wankhede security

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Considered Sharukh Khan Vs. The Wankhede Security!

Considered the baadshah of Bollywood and the KKR franchise owner, Sharukh became’ Bad- Shah ‘during one of the 2012 IPL encounters.

As per the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA), Sharukh entered the stadium making noises in a drunken state. He had also abused the security personnel, namely Vikas Dalvi, who warned Sharukh against entering the players dressing rooms. Sharukh decided to demonstrate his power and joined the group itself with his family and friends. This created a considerable stir in the ground, and people were holding Sharukh from attacking Dalvi.

Sharukh defended himself, saying that he had come to the stadium to pick up his children and Dalvi had used abusive words in Marathi.

The MCA banned Sharukh from entering its premises for the next five years (till 2017). However, this ban was lifted in 2015 with pressure from political circles and the KKR franchise owner; Sharukh became Bad- Shah during one of the 2012 IPL encounters.

2. The worst slap of them all

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It was the 2008 IPL and a match between KXIP and MI. Harbhajan was having a poor evening as a captain of Mi, and Sreesanth a good one with his bowling.

Sreesanth kept passing comments at all the MI batsmen, including Harbhajan. KXIP won the match, and the customary handshakes were being exchanged. Then Sree tried to shake Bhajji',s hands, Harbhajan slapped him across the face. Sree was in tears when the camera caught him!

Harbhajan was suspended immediately for the season, and a sobbing Sree walked away. Later on, Sree said that it was not a slap but a back of the palm push.

Sree and Bhajji resolved the situation by becoming friends again, but Sree sobbing face was in the public domain for a long time!

1. Spot-fixing scandal

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The most significant controversy of them all was the spot-fixing cum betting incident in the 2013 IPL. It was a complicated investigation that raged on for months and landed unexpectedly at N.Sreenivsan’s doorstep. Indian government states that betting in India is illegal. But there is still some scope for the online platforms to propel in India through affiliate marketing sites like and others that gives the opportunity to every user to place their bets. However, online betting is also illegal to a point in India. And, to stop such things government will have to come up with some strict laws. Here is the spot-fixing cum betting incident which threatened to oust the IPL Tournament itself blow by blow.

Delhi Police arrest Sunil Bhatia, a bookie.

• Delhi Police arrest Yahiya Mohammad in Hyderabad based on Sunil's Information (May 24th, 2013).

• Ahmadabad Crime Police arrest yet another bookie Vinod Mulchandani in Ahmadabad and seize equipment and cash on May 25th, 2013.

• Vindu Dara Singh is arrested for spot-fixing based on Information from bookies.

• Gurunath Meiyappan was arrested on 24 th May, based on call records from Vindu. Gurunath is son in law to T. Sreenivasan (BCCI President).

• On the whole, three players and 14 bookies, were arrested for Spot-fixing.

• All three were from RR, and they were suspended then sacked.

• Raj Kundra, the co-owner of RR, was questioned for fixing.

• The Supreme Court ordered the BCCI president T. Sreenivasan to step down from his post on October 13th.

• All accused have been released from prison as of date.


There are no stopping incidents from happening in the IPL. Players compete at their hardest and tempers do flare up. These are incidents that would not develop into a controversy as long as match fixing is kept away.

Edited by Shashank Singh
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