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Ways in which the IPL can be revamped

Ishan Kacker
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If you are provided a bowl of cereal on a Sunday morning, you’ll pretty much love it. But if you are provided the same bowl of ordinary cereal every other day, you’ll pretty much be displeased at the idea of consuming the same dish every day. You’ll ask for some variations or for some changes in the dish.

The same thing goes for the kind of sports you watch. The same format, the same match-ups will probably bore you if you aren’t provided with an exciting twist in the tale or with a fresher appeal to the product. Yes, my fellow sports enthusiasts - I’m talking about the same dish that BCCI provides us each year without any significant variation, the IPL.

The IPL is in its eleventh season right now, and one can surely say that the fanfare is much less than the previous editions. One would say that the IPL has run its course, and it’s a money-spinning business for BCCI. The fans still love cricket and want the excitement of IPL to engulf them, but it’s just too bland, so to speak.

It’s high time they revamp the structure, and the format, and create a new buzz for the product. Here are some ways they can do so:

Honorary Mention: Introduce associate countries like Ireland, Afghanistan or the Netherlands to compete in the tournament.


#4 Introduce home and away jerseys

RCB competing in the green jersey instead of the usual red one

The IPL was basically modelled after the English Premier League, and BCCI can use the similar concept of two jerseys for the IPL. The idea of home and away jerseys can bring a fresh element to the game and provides new merchandise to attract fans and bring in the desired revenue.

It also removes confusion when teams with similar coloured jerseys compete against each other, like in clashes between the Mumbai Indians and Rajasthan Royals.

There are several sports tournaments in the world where there is an established system of dual jerseys. The IPL can lead the charge and introduce such a system in cricket.

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