10 best Nintendo Switch exclusive games so far

10 best Nintendo Switch Exclusive games so far (Images via Monolith Soft & Intelligent System)
These Nintendo Switch-exclusive games are great (Images via Monolith Soft & Intelligent System)

Our list of top Switch exclusives demonstrates how many fantastic titles Nintendo's hybrid console contains. These remarkable adventures are exclusively available on the platform, including titles from some of the company's most popular series.

Be exclusive or play-for-all, this list includes all those video games that leave you speechless or make you downright crazy with their storyline, gameplay, or visuals.

With recent additions to the list, there are many fantastic switch exclusives to dive into, and each one has something unique. So, whether you've just got a Switch and are searching for a game to start with or a veteran player looking to check out our best recommendations, the following collection is for you.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the author's opinions.

Most enjoyable Nintendo Switch-exclusive titles

1) Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

Mushrooms won't end the pain (Image via Ubisoft Milan)
Mushrooms won't end the pain (Image via Ubisoft Milan)

The Switch-exclusive title contains Rabbids, an inherently purposefully irritating army that squawks, has no personality, and is prone to exaggerated acts of chaos. They play a significant role in the attractiveness of this bizarre crossover, as Mario and his friends are thrown in with them.

The characters living together and the turn-based strategy type it offers don't seem to go together, which is why nothing regarding this should function. Nonetheless, Kingdom Battle appears to be one of the greatest matches on the Switch exclusive, thanks to some brilliant scripting that turns numerous Rabbids into genuinely amusing parodies of the traditional Nintendo crew.

The game has powerful tactical gameplay, demanding meticulous assessment of each clash and character growth that delivers some truly unique battlefield skills. But don't be fooled by the pretty graphics, as it is a title with enough difficulty to rival XCOM.

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle has the potential to be among the hardest on the console and be called the greatest Switch exclusive game ever made.

2) Xenoblade Chronicles 2

You will know the pain and suffering you caused the Emperor and Fiora! (Image via Monolith Soft)
You will know the pain and suffering you caused the Emperor and Fiora! (Image via Monolith Soft)

If you prefer a more modern role-playing game, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is the Switch-exclusive title for you. After being bonded to an intelligent weapon, Pyra's destitute salvage diver Rex ventures on a perilous voyage throughout the realm of Alrest in the game's story.

The game's computer graphic anime-type design and diverse cast of entirely narrated protagonists and antagonists lure players into the epic plot, while real-time action delivers consistent thrills.

It's also satisfyingly complicated, with the potential to construct and modify dozens of additional Blades besides Pyra, allowing limitless customization choices for fully accessible exploration and fighting alike.

This is one of the most developed and engaging experiences, with the standalone DLC, Torna - The Golden Country, elaborating on the background of Xenoblade Chronicles 2's universe and characters. The Switch exclusive is a must-play for every gaming aficionado.

3) Paper Mario: The Origami King

Rest your weary bones Koopa, you're in a better place now (Image via Intelligent Systems)
Rest your weary bones Koopa, you're in a better place now (Image via Intelligent Systems)

Despite not being the role-playing game you might have hoped for, Paper Mario: The Origami King is unique in its own right. The Nintendo Switch exclusive has tapped straight into the joyful, light-hearted vibe that it has always thrived on with this latest series installment, especially regarding your buddies.

You'll meet a variety of traveling companions, including Bob-Omb with no memory, and your new buddy Olivia, who will all contribute to the title's humorous charm.

Combat-wise, the Switch exclusive employs a ring system that requires you to manipulate your adversaries into position before striking them with a sledgehammer or trampling them with your shoes. It takes a dark turn in boss bouts, with strategy thrust to the forefront.

4) Pokemon Legends Arceus

As a wise man once said: "Trust in yourself, and you will find your way." (Image via Game Freak)
As a wise man once said: "Trust in yourself, and you will find your way." (Image via Game Freak)

Pokemon Legends Arceus seems to be a new direction for the venerable Switch exclusive game and provides something distinctly different. Arceus offers the ability to view a period of Pokemon history that has never been seen before because it is set in a long-ago era when humans and Pokemon did not coexist and train together.

The adventure is focused on you finishing the first Pokedex, as opposed to the traditional goal of fighting gym leaders and the final four. As part of the Survey Corporation, you join the Galaxy team and go through an action-packed main story while catching and studying Pokemon in more open, natural settings.

You can also accomplish side tasks that provide a positive sense of advancement in several ways. Another Switch exclusive title worth playing for.

5) Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Adventure is awaiting you in the fields of a new world! (Image via Game Freak)
Adventure is awaiting you in the fields of a new world! (Image via Game Freak)

One of the best-looking Switch-exclusive games right now, Kirby and the Forgotten Land, takes you on an endearingly lovely adventure you will not soon forget. With Kirby's copy powers, you'll battle the monster gang and other opponents in a strange land unlike ours.

Although Kirby is accustomed to platforming, it's the first 3-dimensional adventure. Thus, the levels are much more open than before.

The Switch-exclusive consists of forgotten land that is chock-full of colorful levels with lots of meticulousness, various tasks to accomplish, and customizable powers to unlock. It also introduces the hilariously strange mouthful mode, which has our hero eat various foods.

The Switch exclusive lets the hero morph into a car, a lightbulb, and many other things. To top it all off, you may construct a home base known as Waddle Dee Town, which has a slew of mini-games and cute features.

Honestly, it's among the best Kirby games made for this gadget.

6) Splatoon 2

Right on time, kid. I've got work for you (Image via Nintendo EPD)
Right on time, kid. I've got work for you (Image via Nintendo EPD)

The sequel to the breakthrough squad-based shooter for the Wii U outperforms the original in almost every way. More areas, weaponry, and Inklings to play as — even for the story mode campaign, which was just a disguised practice mode — were deeper and more challenging than its predecessor.

Where Splatoon really shines is how, in classic Nintendo flair, it reinvents a genre infamous for toxic online play, making it accessible and inviting while remaining as cutthroat as any grim military operation.

Furthermore, there is almost nothing comparable in the marketplace. Switching between humanoid and squid forms at will, swimming through oceans of neon ink splashed over the ever-rotating battlefields, and escaping enemy fire when underwater makes it feel unique.

Splatoon 2 is still one of the most enjoyable switch exclusives, which makes us even more thrilled about the upcoming release of Splatoon 3.

7) Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Like all things, it's about context and perspective (Image via Intelligent Systems)
Like all things, it's about context and perspective (Image via Intelligent Systems)

The Switch and Fire Emblem: Three Houses are unquestionably a pairing made in heaven. The latter is the pinnacle installment in the Fire Emblem series, which has always emphasized character portrayal and storyline as just a strategic tactics game with a tremendous amount of heart.

The plot has several distinguishing qualities that make it stand out from the competition, even though it may not be nearly as flawlessly produced as a few of its predecessors. You assume the position of a professor who must pick one of the three households to lead.

Every house has a different atmosphere and slightly different tales, and Three Houses is very replayable because they have chosen students with distinct personalities.

The Switch-exclusive design makes it incredibly easy to plot out every movement on the map utilizing its venerable grid-based system. The combat is varied, challenging, and operates like a dream.

The title's visuals are stunning, with an unforgettable animation style, environment, and interior.

8) Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Goddess Palutena, victory is ours! (Image via Bandai Namco Studios)
Goddess Palutena, victory is ours! (Image via Bandai Namco Studios)

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a Smash Bros. Switch-exclusive game that features every figure, stage, and piece of music that has ever appeared in the series. Just balancing the fighter roster, which has more than 70 characters at launch and more planned, is a mammoth effort.

However, this goes even further with more combat gear and summonable Pokemon than before. It helped to make the Switch exclusive series' chaotic inter clashes more majestically chaotic than ever.

Throw in new modes, such as the elimination bracket of Smashdown or team-based Squad Strike, and a substantial story-driven narrative adventure, World of Light, and this immediately takes the title as the definitive Smash Bros game.

Throughout the upcoming years, this should become standard at all types of gatherings, including house parties and competitive fighting game tournaments.

9) Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Private island? Check! making friends and peace? Double check! (Image via Nintento EPD)
Private island? Check! making friends and peace? Double check! (Image via Nintento EPD)

Wish you could take a quick trip to a private island paradise? That's what Tom Nook and the company provide with Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

You'll be given — for a cost, obviously — your own isolated island, and it'll be up to you to turn it from a peaceful retreat into a lively place teeming with old and new friends.

The Switch exclusive gameplay also survives on the quiet clocking of live time, ensuring that nothing is hustled or stressed and enjoying Animal Crossing becomes a regular part of your day. New Horizons has a lot to offer in terms of features, such as crafting and terraforming.

But the Switch-exclusive title also feeds on a quiet beating in real-time. If you've ever needed an escape from reality, now is the moment, and Animal Crossing: New Horizons is ready to help.

10) Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Open your eyes (Image via Nintendo EPD)
Open your eyes (Image via Nintendo EPD)

The release of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild represents as significant a transformation for Zelda as Ocarina of Time's N64 premiere did for the series. While the 1998 blockbuster pushed the franchise into the 3D space, it preserved the same framework as previous 2D Zelda games.

All this is rethought in Breath of the Wild, which does away with the Switch exclusive series' trademark eight main dungeons and rather straight progression. In their stead are over 100 tiny shrines, each with their own riddle to complete or battle obstacles to conquer, and all allegedly accessible the minute Link wakes from a century's rest.

You'll probably spend more time exploring than hunting the wicked Ganondorf, but that flexibility is a big part of the appeal. This is Zelda meeting Skyrim, with a really open environment to explore.

The fact that the structural revamp is accompanied by one of the series' most well-rounded, emotive, and melancholy stories helps elevate the bundle. In contrast, the astounding visuals and varied blend of physical combat and magical skills solidify it as an immediate and eternal masterpiece and the Switch exclusive with the most incredible gameplay.