Genshin Impact 2.6 update patch notes: New map, enemies, artifacts, Archon Quests, and more

The 2.6 update is almost here (Image via Genshin Impact)
The 2.6 update is almost here (Image via Genshin Impact)
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Genshin Impact 2.6 has nearly arrived, and players will finally get the chance to take part in all of the game's newest content. This includes new characters like Kamisato Ayato, new events like the Irodori Festival, and even a massive new region to explore.

The Chasm looks to be one of the most unique additions to the title yet, and fans will want to spend tons of time exploring its depths. They can also look forward to lots of new quests and character interactions, especially between fan favorites.

Genshin Impact 2.6: Patch notes rundown

Genshin Impact Patch Notes for 2.6Vephyr of the Violet GardenReady to roll Ayato and his weapon?

There is lots of content coming in Genshin Impact's newest update, from character-centric events to powerful new bosses and even a vast new area to explore. From this update, users have loads to look forward to and plenty of Primogems to acquire from completing all of its content.

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It will definitely help, as the game will feature some of its best banners yet, including Kamisato Ayato and the Anemo Archon, Venti.

New events

// 2.6 genshin leaks!! Painting from the Magnificent Irodori Festival 馃巼OMG THIS IS SO CUTE I'M CRYING source : genshin blank #GenshinImpact #Genshin #鞗愳嫚 #鍘熺 #genshintwt #Kazuha #Xingqiu #scaramouche

Genshin Impact 2.6 will open with the Hues of the Violet Garden event, which will take players back to Inazuma for a literature-themed and dialogue-driven event. It will feature characters from across Teyvat, with fan favorites like Klee and Venti making appearances, while new characters like Ayato and Itto also share the spotlight.

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There will be tons of fun interactions to look forward to and some great rewards from its many game modes. Fans can even acquire a free Xingqiu from this event, making it worth spending time on.

Spices from the West - event page

The Spices from the West event was teased during the game's update livestream and will feature a unique spice and seasoning-based mini-game for gamers to complete. They can get a decent amount of Primogems for participating in the event, though it is smaller.

Vibro-Crystal Research - event page

This update's battle-focused event is the Vibro-Crystal Research event, which puts players up against dangerous enemies on the outskirts of The Chasm. They will need to mix and match various buffs to take down their foes more efficiently, and they can earn a good chunk of Primogems for doing so.

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"Outside the Canvas, Inside the Lens" is an event that requires you to take 14 selfies at various locations. You need to aim the camera at a certain direction and capture the moment of your attack/skill/burst/idle.Each selfie rewards 30 primogems, 20000 Mora, and 2 Hero's Wit.

The final event featured in this update is Outside the Canvas, Inside the Lens. It will focus on users taking selfies around the world of Genshin Impact, granting them rewards and Primogems for each image.

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Fans who enjoy the title's photography mode will definitely like this event.

New enemies and bosses

This update will feature some dangerous new foes, including enemies native to The Chasm. The mighty Ruin Serpent is the new world boss coming during Genshin Impact 2.6, and it will provide a serious challenge to unprepared players.

Fans will need to prepare their strategies in advance to defeat it before trying to take on this giant serpent.

// Genshin leaksDrops from the Moldbeast enemy in chasm. According to the description, this enemy is from sumeru and the lore have sumeru crumbs aswell.Source : GI leaks#sumeru #chasm #Ayato

The cute enemies above are native to The Chasm and are known as Floating Fungus. They don't pose much of a threat to players, though they are incredibly tanky and are resistant to their respective elements.

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Users have seen the Hydro variant of this foe during the Genshin Impact 2.6 livestream, but other variants are likely to exist in the Chasm's depths.

@GenshinImpact Black Serpent Knight? So the Shadowy Husks were human?

Finally, a new Shadowy Husk variant will be added during this update as the Black Serpent Knight: Windcutter makes its debut. This foe will drain its own HP to grant itself increased damage when striking an enemy with a shield.

Fans will want to be careful when completing the Spiral Abyss during Genshin Impact 2.6, as this foe will put up quite a tough fight.

New banners

// Genshin leaksAYATO鈥橲 BANNER!

Genshin Impact 2.6 will bring three new banners for gamers to summon on, with two of them being reruns and one featuring the new 5-star, Kamisato Ayato.

The latter will finally appear as a playable character during this update, and fans have waited quite a while for his release. Ayato is one of the most popular characters in the community, and many users will be summoning him once the game goes live.

i wish xiao lovers who are venti lovers and wanters goodluck on his banner! this will be you soon :>

Venti will also return to the featured banner during the first half of this update, giving players the chance to summon for the Anemo Archon once again. He will arrive with the same 4-stars as Ayato, bringing Sucrose, Xiangling, and Yun Jin.

These three characters can provide some great buffs and are worth summoning on during Genshin Impact 2.6.

@MoonbellaGaming i cant wait for ayaka rerun!!!!

The final banner of this update will feature Kamisato Ayaka, the younger sibling of Ayato. She is also a 5-star swordsman, though she wields the Cryo Element.

Players haven't had a chance to summon her since Inazuma's release, and fans will want to take the opportunity when she has her rerun later during Genshin Impact 2.6.

New artifacts

Genshin Impact 2.6 will feature two new artifact sets for users to take advantage of, with some interesting special effects. The Vermillion Hereafter set looks tailormade for Xiao, while the Echoes of an Offering set can benefit Kamisato Ayato quite well.

Players will want to utilize these sets when they release. Both provide the +18% ATK bonus on their 2-PC set bonus, but the 4-PC set is where things get interesting:

  • Vermillion Hereafter: After utilizing an Elemental Burst, the character wielding this artifact set will have their ATK increased by 8% for 16 seconds. When the character's HP decreases, their ATK will increase by another 10%. This can occur a maximum of four times, once every 0.8 seconds.
  • Echoes of an Offering: When Normal Attacks hit opponents, there is a 36% chance that it will trigger a buff that increases Normal Attack DMG by 70% of ATK. This effect will end 0.05 seconds after a Normal Attack deals damage. If this effect doesn't occur, the next Normal Attack will have a 20% higher chance to trigger it, and it can occur once every 0.2 seconds.

New map


This update will feature the addition of The Chasm, a massive new area coming to Genshin Impact 2.6. This area is full of treasure, traps, and puzzles, with tons of enemies to defeat and secrets to uncover.

Gamers will want to make sure they are prepared to enter this new zone by meeting these requirements:

  • Players must be Adventure Rank 28 or higher
  • They must complete A New Star Approaches
  • Finally, they must complete the new World Quest, Surreptitious Seven-Star Seal Sundering

New weapons

Hello Travelers~! Today, Paimon wants to introduce you to the brand-new equipment that will be appearing in Version 2.6! Come on, let's take a look~(Examples of the following weapon based on Level 90 and Refinement Rank 1)#GenshinImpact

The new weapon banner from Genshin Impact 2.6 will feature Ayato's signature sword, the Haran Geppaku Futsu. This weapon significantly buffs his Normal Attacks, allowing him to easily dish out tons of damage.

The banner will also feature the Elegy for the End, a 5-star support bow that can work well with Venti. The four stars on the banner are as listed:

  • Rust
  • The Flute
  • The Widsith
  • Dragon's Bane
  • Sacrificial Greatsword

New Archon Quest

New Story Unlocked - Archon Quest Chapter II: Act IV "Requiem of the Echoing Depths"Divine calamity descended upon the ancient realm, and within the deep darkness, a sorrowful reunion awaits. #GenshinImpact

Genshin Impact 2.6 will also feature a new Archon Quest, allowing fans to see yet another step in the Traveler's journey to reuniting with their sibling. Dainsleif will make another appearance during this event and seems to have ties to the mysterious Chasm.

Players will want to make sure they complete this new Archon Quest, as it likely will be significant for the game moving forward. Ayato will also have his own Story Quest during this update.

New World Quests


There will be tons of World Quests to uncover and complete in Genshin Impact 2.6, with many being found in The Chasm. Users can find them listed below:

  • The Chasm Delvers
  • Stolen by the Rightful Owner
  • Undetected Infiltration
  • A Cliff-Side Hero's Past
  • The Millennial Mountains
  • Says He Who Seeks Stone
  • Dimming Mushroom's Call for Help
  • A Company Vanishing Into the Deep
  • Valor's Afterglow
  • Lost in a Foreign Land
  • Mycological Investigation in The Chasm
  • Hydrological Investigation in The Chasm
  • Paleontological Investigation in The Chasm
  • The Chasm's Bounty
  • The Missing Miner

New additions

// Genshin Impact Update5/5 New Furniture and Descriptions via WFP#GenshinImpact #Genshin

Tons of new furniture options have been revealed in Genshin Impact 2.6's patch notes, along with new recipes, namecards, and achievements. Players will also gain new music to play in their Serenitea Pot and new harvestable resources and animals to capture.

There will also be a new shop opening in Ritou, allowing gamers to collect some rare items like Sango Pearls and Unagi Meat.

Bugfixes and adjustments

Dear Travelers,Below are the details of the Version 2.6 update "Zephyr of the Violet Garden" and the update compensation.View the full notice here >>>鈥#GenshinImpact

Finally, players can look forward to tons of bug fixes and changes centering on enemies and other certain characters. There are a lot of significant changes here, though many of them seem to be focused on quality of life.

Users can look forward to some valuable adjustments in Genshin Impact 2.6, like these:

  • Geovishap Hatchling DMG has been nerfed, and their appearance has changed in the Archive.
  • Hangout Events have had their UI and text optimized for readability and efficiency.
  • The tutorial icon will be permanently displayed for players below AR30, allowing them to see their most recently unlocked tutorials.
  • Certain voice lines in English, Japanese, and Korean have been optimized for some characters and quests.
  • Additional alternate costume voice lines have been added for Jean, Amber, Rosaria, and Mona.
  • New artifacts have been added to the Domain Reliquary Tier 1 and 2, replacing the Gladiator's Finale and Wanderer's Troupe.
  • Many quests and bosses have had major bugs removed or fixed.

Genshin Impact 2.6 looks to be one of the most extensive updates, and fans will want to take advantage of all of the new changes.

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