Gold Cup Schedule

The 2019 CONCACAF Gold Cup will be the 15th edition of the tournament and will be hosted by the defending champions USA along with Costa Rica and Jamaica also hosting double-headers in the first round of 2019 CONCACAF Gold Cup.

The Gold Cup Schedule is out and will see a tough battle as 16 teams will go all out in hopes of clenching the title and having a shot at qualifying for the 2021 Confederations cup. Check out Gold Cup Standings to know more about teams involved

CONCACAF Gold Cup Schedule (Group Stage):

16 June

Team 1Time (IST)Team 2
Canada5:06 a.mMartinique
Mexico7:36 a.mCuba

17 June

Team 1Time (IST)Team 2
Haiti3:36 a.mBermuda
Costa Rica6:06 a.mNicaragua

18 June

Team 1Time (IST)Team 2
Curacao4:36 a.mEl Salvador
Jamaica7:06 a.mHonduras

19 June

Team 1Time (IST)Team 2
Panama5:06 a.mTrinidad and Tobago
USA7:36 a.mGuyana

20 June

Team 1Time (IST)Team 2
Cuba5:36 a.mMartinique
Mexico8:06 a.mCanada

21 June

Team 1Time (IST)Team 2
Nicaragua4:36 a.mHaiti
Costa Rica7:06 a.mBermuda

22 June

Team 1Time (IST)Team 2
El Salvador4:36 a.mJamaica
Honduras7:06 a.mCuracao

23 June

Team 1Time (IST)Team 2
Guyana3:06 a.mPanama
USA5:36 a.mTrinidad and Tobago

24 June

Team 1Time (IST)Team 2
Canada3:36 a.mCuba
Martinique6:06 a.mMexico

25 June

Team 1Time (IST)Team 2
Bermuda4:06 a.mNicaragua
Haiti6:36 a.mCosta Rica

26 June

Team 1Time (IST)Team 2
Jamaica5:36 a.mCuracao
Honduras8:06 a.mEl Salvador

27 June

Team 1Time (IST)Team 2
Trinidad and Tobago4:06 a.mGuyana
Panama6:36 a.mUSA