Football Games

It is a rather poorly-kept secret that most of the world isn't great at playing the actual football. So we're going to have to live on being a hero on a screen in front of us, be it a console or a mobile phone screen.

There is no dearth of games made by different developers to satisfy the football fanatic in most people. Some of those games have become hugely successful franchises over the years, while some others have stuck to their niche and have been able to create their own loyal audience for themselves, despite not being overwhelmingly people.

This page will bring you a list of football games currently available that you must play, if you have the chance to.


Available on PlayStation, XBox, PC, Android and iOS

The FIFA game franchise brought by EA Sports is possibly the best-known football game available at this moment, so it is a given that it would make this list.

Over the years, several additional features have made the game an absolute must-have for a football fan. Since the 2017 edition, the 'Journey', where you get to live the footballing life of a certain Alex Hunter has made FIFA an even more popular game.

That aside, the Career Mode will always be an attraction on FIFA, and in more recent years, FIFA Ultimate Team too has become a mammoth attraction.

Given its availability on multiple platforms, on all consoles, computers and mobile devices have made the popularity of FIFA soar even higher.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

Available on PlayStation, XBox, PC, Android and iOS

The one game that has been a constant threat to the dominance of FIFA has been Konami Studios' Pro Evolution Soccer.

This is another game that has been available across multiple platforms. With copyrights for the UEFA Champions League in tow, PES has that one edge over FIFA.

But unfortunately, PES does not have the rights to use the names and jerseys of certain clubs and that is an instant drawback.

Football Manager 2018

Available on PC, Android and iOS

A brainchild of SEGA, the Football Manager franchise has a niche audience of its own.

It is unlike both FIFA and PES in that there is no actual gameplay involved. Instead, Football Manager's USP is the ability for a manager to run every aspect of a football club, be it the transfers, training the players, managing finances, managing the dressing room harmony and other such factors that are imperative in the daily running of a football club.

Score! Hero

Available on Android and iOS

This game is only available on mobile devices, and it doesn't involve extensive gameplay. As a player, 'Score! Hero' only lets you control games at certain moments, as you will be able to pass, shoot and score your way to legendary status, over 580 challenging levels

The 3D gameplay lets you control the action. Split defences with precise passes, bend shots into the corners, you will be in control of your own mobile soccer experience.

Dream League Soccer

Available on Android and iOS

Another game that is only available on mobile platforms, Dream League is a lot like a FIFA Ultimate Team game, where the challenge is to build your own squad with rewards won as you play the game.

You will be able to sign superstar players such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel to create your own dream team!

Choose your formation, perfect your style and take on any team who stands in your way as you rise through 6 Leagues to top the prestigious Elite Division.

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