10 most used Fortnite skins of Chapter 3 Season 4

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 Paradise skins
Counting down the most used Fortnite skins in Chapter 3 Season 4 (Image via Sportskeeda)

Fortnite Chapter 3 is nearing its end, with less than 11 days remaining for the latest Season 4 to come to its epic conclusion in the "Fracture" event. While the rest of the Fortnite community awaits the next chapter to arrive, some are feeling nostalgic about the current chapter and specifically this season that gave them some of the best Battle Pass cosmetics with Chapter 3.

Similar to the live event days in Chapter 2 Season 8, Loopers are feeling the blues once again and are hoping to get a major gameplay change along with the arrival of the rumored first-person view in BR mode. However, many players have already started listing their favorite cosmetics received in this season's Battle Pass and how often they have used them.

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While there have been several collabs ranging from Star Wars: The Original Trilogy characters to SypherPK's icon skins, the Chrome-themed Battle Pass and Item Shop cosmetics this time around have left players in awe.

As the season prepares to end, here are 10 skins that Loopers use the most in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4.

10 skins in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 Loopers use the most

1) Bytes


Bytes was the most used skin in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 due to its selectable styles and a Chrome-themed cosmetic set. He is part of the Into Nothing cosmetic set and can be obtained from Page 2 of the Season 4 Battle Pass. Loopers receive various selectable styles for Bytes that they can unlock by leveling up across their Battle Pass.

Moreover, special Bytes Quests allowed loopers to unlock several selectable styles for the Nothing Pickaxe from his cosmetic set. According to Lore, Bytes was recruited by The Nothing from The Last Reality as their newest warrior who will bring an end to the island. His lack of fear and hunger for power turned him into a soulless but powerful warrior. Strangely, his in-game description reads as follows:

Few survive the journey into darkness.

2) Paradigm (Reality-659)


Paradigm (Reality-659) or popularly known as Brie Larson's Paradigm is a Battle Pass outfit that can instantly be unlocked upon purchasing the Chapter 3 Season 4 pass. Brie Larson's reveal as The Paradigm, who is also the savior of The Seven with immense knowledge of the Loop, was one of the biggest reveals in the Season 4 trailer.

While this version of The Paradigm is a snapshot from Reality-659, at the end of the Season 4 cinematic trailer, she teleported herself to another dimension to find a solution to stop the Chrome. According to Lore, her armor seal protects her from the effects of the Loop and her stint with Mecha on the moon helped defeat the Imagined Order in Chapter 3 Season 2 Live Event Collision.

3) Lennox Rose


Lennox Rose is probably the only skin in the Chapter 3 Season 4 Battle Pass with a full Cel-Shaded animated design. In the past, Fortnite has received numerous outfits inspired by Anime, with the Anime Legends Pack being the most recent to arrive in the game.

Earlier, the outfit sought to bear resemblance to Hatsune Mixu, a famous Japanese pop singer. However, this skin can be unlocked from Page 6 of the Season 4 pass and features numerous selectable styles to choose from. The skin is part of the Lennox, IRL set, and the in-game description for the same reads as follows:

The first to escape The Academy... But not the last.

4) Meow Skulls


Meow Skulls is the third cat-based skin in Fortnite and is directly related to Meowscles as his younger sister. She can be unlocked from Page 5 of the Chapter 3 Season 4 Battle Pass and features various selectable styles. She is part of the Cali-Cool set and is usually portrayed as a goth-style teenager who is fond of rock music.

She is an aunt to Kit, another cat-based skin introduced in late Chapter 2, who is Meowscles' son. The skin was showcased in the Battle Pass trailers, hyping up Loopers excited to receive another cat-based skin directly related to the classic Meowscles.

5) Veronika


Veronika skin is part of the Checkered Past Pack that was available in the Item Shop as the official Chapter 3 Season 4 starter pack and is currently on sale for $3.99. It comes with a cosmetic set featuring a wrap, skin, Back Bling, and a pickaxe, along with 600 free V-Bucks granted to the buyer.

The skin brought the "Dead Game" meme alive from social media when OG Fortnite players dissed the game for its bland content and uninteresting gameplay. Bringing the meme to life in the form of a cosmetic, players rapidly bought the skin and sported it in matches to 'grief' their opponents.

6) Spider-Gwen


Another season and yet another Marvel-themed outfit for the community in a Chapter 3 Battle Pass. The Spider-Gwen outfit was directly inspired by the Into the Spider-Verse films by Sony and also featured an additional unmasked style for Gwen Stacy.

It can be unlocked on Page 10 from the Fortnite Season 4 Battle Pass menu and features two selectable styles, with additional super styles to claim at higher levels. The official description for the outfit was a direct quote from the animated hit film, which reads as follows:

All right, people, let's start at the beginning one last time.

7) Grriz


A rather unusual skin from the rest of the Battle Pass cosmetics of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 is Grriz, a small-sized bear inside a slurpy bear suit, holding a controller. When characters interact with a Looper sporting this outfit, they're usually in awe of the outfit that features two selectable styles.

Grriz can be unlocked on Page 4 of the Season 4 pass and is part of the Growlin' Grriz set. Players used the skin in the initial days of the season due to its Grizzly Bear emote that allows it to come out of the center of the suit to the top. The emote was deemed pay-to-win as players used it to dodge body shots.

However, the delay between the emote and the combat action was increased in the hotfix the following week.

8) Evie


Evie was the first skin that could be unlocked instantly after purchasing the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 Battle Pass and featured four selectable styles with customizable emblems on the chest of her shirt. According to the Lore, Evie is a member of the Peace Syndicate and their secret weapon.

She helped The Resistance after the destruction of The Collider in the Collision live event and is known for helping people with the Peace Syndicate. Her outfit was earlier rumored to be themed according to the colors of the Nintendo Switch. However, that myth was busted upon the skin's release. It is widely used by Loopers and is one of the skins currently used by sweats in Fortnite.

9) Stormfarer


Previously known as Blackout, Stormfarer was featured in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 Battle Pass and could be unlocked on Page 5 upon spending nine Battle Stars. It comes with various selectable and additional super-level styles that Loopers loved wearing while surviving the Loop.

Moreover, the all-black style was used by sweats who like to play stealthily in the shadows and survive their opponents. The official description of the skin reads as follows:

A martial arts expert seeking total control of the Storm.

10) Spider-Man


The friendly neighborhood Spider-Man from Reality-616 arrived on the Loop in Chapter 3 Season 1 and was one of the most hyped skins to kickstart the beginning of a new era in Fortnite history. Along with the cosmetic set, the famous Daily Bugle building also arrived as a POI, with spider webs laying around, acting as bouncers for the Loopers.

Moreover, the Spider-Man Web Shooters mythic is regarded as one of the best collab items to ever feature in Fortnite. The skin itself was a direct inspiration from the comics and featured the original suit, the Symbiote suit, and the Future Foundation suit with three more selectable styles to choose from.

While there was another Spider-Man collab that took place inspired by the No Way Home film series, the original Battle Pass outfit took center stage and was widely used by players.

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