"Sniping in COD Mobile feels much more satisfying than PUBG Mobile or Free Fire; I hope the COD Mobile BR mode gets the attention it deserves": Abhishek "AbhizDADA" Nagar, sniper for GodLike

In conversation with Abhishek "AbhizDADA" Nagar from GodLike's COD Mobile roster
In conversation with Abhishek "AbhizDADA" Nagar from GodLike's COD Mobile roster
Dipanjan Dey

What does it take to be a sharpshooter in the competitive COD Mobile circuit in India? Very few can answer that question.17-year-old Abhishek "AbhizDADA" Nagar has some answers. He takes pride in serving as the marksman for GodLike's COD Mobile MP roster.

Activision's world-renowned title has grown substantially in India as an esport over the last few years. Many talented pros and content creators have shifted from other popular games to play COD Mobile full time.

AbhizDADA has proven time and again that he is one of the best snipers in the Indian mobile gaming community.

Experts claim that a sniper is like a genius. Snipers need to have a deeper understanding of the game to fill the role properly. It is safe to say that GodLike has a dependable force to reckon with in AbhizDADA.

His unprecedented rise in the Indian esports community has made him one of the fiercest players on the circuit. Opponents know better than to jump in his crosshairs while hunting heads with a Locus or DL-Q33.

In an exclusive conversation with Sportskeeda Esports’ Dipanjan Dey, AbhizDADA opened up about life, COD Mobile, and everything in-between.

Here is an excerpt of the conversation:

In conversation with Abhishek "AbhizDADA" Nagar from GodLike's COD Mobile roster

Q. First and foremost, congratulations on winning the COD Mobile India Cup and Frontline Chaos Season 1. Can you give us your origin story? Tell our readers a bit about yourself and the journey that led you to the path of becoming a COD Mobile pro.

A: I started playing COD Mobile with my school friends. I used to play solo ranked and found few players who recruited me to a clan named QRT. Slowly, as I got better at the game, I switched my teams and ended up with Trinity. Trinity became Axis and later got picked up by Godlike.


Q. Tell our readers a bit about your early days and struggles. When did you start playing COD Mobile, and how did you come up with the ign “AbhizDADA”? Who were some of your biggest inspirations behind playing competitive CODM?

A: I started playing COD the day its global version was released. When I got to know about the competition, I wasn't that good a player, so I had to grind hard to get into a good team. I played PUBG a lot with my school friends, and they used to call me Dada (it means big brother in Marathi). So I came up with the name AbhizDADA. My inspiration behind playing competitive was TRIBExBolu.

Q. With the upcoming JIOCup, what is your approach this time around? Do you think that this season's AK117/QQ9 meta is going to be decisive in the upcoming tournaments?

A: For the upcoming Jio Cup, our main strategy is to play according to our strengths. According to me, the meta of QQ9 will also not last long because guns like Fennec, which many people are not using, can take opponents by surprise as its close-range capability is much better than QQ9.

Q. Let us talk about your role in the GodLike MP roster. You usually play as a Sniper, but does it change depending on the map? What kind of routines do you guys follow during scrims to coordinate better?

A: My sniper role doesn't change according to the map, but it does change according to the game mode that we play. I only snipe in Search and Destroy(SND) game mode. In scrims, we try new strategies which may work against top-tier teams.


Q. As a Sniper, do you always look to end things with one shot, or do you bait them out depending on the situation? Can you let the readers know a little about your mindset during intense matches?

A: It all depends on the opponents. If I can pick them, the game goes smoothly. However, if they don't peek at me, I ask my teammates to create a distraction so that the opponents panic and I get picks to create an opening. I try to remain as calm as I can during the match, so I do not miss my shots.

To be honest, sniping in COD Mobile feels much more satisfying than PUBG Mobile or Free Fire; I hope the COD Mobile BR mode gets the attention it deserves.


Q6) Let us talk about one of the most important factors in professional COD Mobile: the device. How would you address the perpetual expensive device vs skilled-players-on-budget-phones debate in COD Mobile? Do you think a young aspiring pro-COD Mobile player should invest in a new phone or practice with what they have?

A: According to me, devices play a very important role in competitive COD Mobile. A highly skilled player can play on a budget phone to an extent, but a player's true potential can be seen on a good device or a device that is better than average. A young player who is aspiring to be a professional competitive player should invest in a good device.

Q. While we are on the topic of devices and platforms, let us address the latest controversy which has been trending on YouTube. The #mobileonlycomp hashtag has turned into a social media movement. Could you give us a little insight into the matter?

A: With this hashtag, we are demanding the tournament organizers to make a rule that only mobile devices should be allowed in tournaments. This has been done so that we can compete with other regions like NA and EU in World Championship and other majors. This is because their whole comp scene has already been shifted to phone, and we should not lack behind.

Q. The #mobileonlycomp movement promises to unify the Indian COD Mobile community in ways that have only been seen in the EU/NA region. How do you think this will affect the community, especially the ones playing on the iPad?

A: This will affect the community only in the initial stages. Once people understand that our competition is not only Indian teams but also teams in NA, EU, Australia, etc., there will be no issues.

People on iPad should switch with no problem, and also those under organizations can demand mobile devices. This is a good initiative because underdogs can also compete fair and square now.

Q. What are your thoughts on the #Why_not_BR_WorldCup movement? Do you think the alleged Multiplayer bias from COD Mobile developers is a factor behind no competitive BR tournaments?

A: It's unfair to the BR community and I support it, but it's not the organizer's fault because BR has many glitches and problems that should be fixed before hosting big tournaments like WC. Also, Call Of Duty has always been an MP-based game, so there might be a little bias towards it.

Q. Every professional COD Mobile team needs a Sniper, and you are pretty notorious around the community for your quick-scoping skills. Do you have plans for content creation and live streaming in the future?

A: Yes, I have big plans for the future. I do content creation now and also stream here and there when I'm not competing. After my board examination finishes, I will try to stream and upload regularly because I will have more time. So you can accept more content from my side in the future.

Q11) What are the goals you want to achieve while being a part of GodLike? Do you see yourself becoming a pillar of the COD Mobile Indian community in the future?

A: While playing for Godlike, I want to make it the number 1 COD Mobile team worldwide and not only in India. I want to establish myself on platforms such as YouTube and maybe Loco. I will definitely become one of the pillars of the community because I will support the community as they have supported me throughout. Also, the best sniper in India can definitely become a pillar of the community. If not now, maybe in the future.


Q. Is there anything you would like to say to your COD Mobile fans and the next generation of esports talents from India?

A: I would just like to say thank you to our amazing fans and everyone in the community for supporting us during our lows and our highs. Please continue to support us, the game, and other teams in the community. And for all the upcoming esports talents, keep grinding COD Mobile. You will definitely get a chance if you have talent. It's just a matter of time and dedication.

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