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Ranking the Greatest NFL Dynasties in History

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Curly Lambeau: The coach who led the Packers to history stands tall outside the stadium
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The term 'dynasty' carries with itself tremendous weight, and a baggage of multiple championships They are never loosely thrown around, especially in a competitive setting like the NFL. Nearly every decade witnesses a dynasty, that not only dominates the competition, but also changes the shape of the sport.

These teams set the bar, in terms of talent, resilience and spirit - often becoming the conversation throughout the league. The fans often worshiped them, the media followed them and the opposition teams studied them.

While they are celebrated in retrospect, they were the favorite enemy - whose losses were most celebrated. Often described as the big, bad bullies of the sport, these dynasties have been perpetual championship contenders during their peak - winning them on most occasions.

Celebrated as they may be, they have also received their fair share of criticism. At their peak, due to their repeated success - the league often got called boring. The disparity never went well with the opposition fans, with them wanting to witness a fair battle. The thought of a team guaranteed to win a championship before the season began caused many to throw up!

From Lombardi's Packers to Noll's Steelers, these NFL dynasties have etched their name in history. While they have history to back it, they have the trophies to flaunt it. How they stack up against the other is a mouth-watering exercise!

Take a look at the Top 10 Greatest NFL Dynasties in History, and rewind in memory. Here goes our list!

#10 Green Bay Packers (1929-44)

Super Bowls: 6

Super Bowl Appearances: 4

Average Annual Win Percentage: .717

The original NFL dynasty, the Green Bay Packers' history is long and storied. The third oldest team in Pro Football, the Packers under Curly Lambeau had a record punctuated with a string of wins and championships. With a record string of three straight titles in 1929, 1930 and 1931 - the Lambeau-led Packers were the most feared team in NFL history. With Hall of Fame players like Don Hutson, Arnie Herber and Clarke Hinkle, the Packers were viewed as a 'dinosaur' of American Football.

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Published 12 Jul 2018, 20:05 IST
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