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3 most difficult contact missions featured in GTA Online

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Sawera Dedar
Modified 18 Feb 2021
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GTA Online features a number of action-packed contact missions, each more difficult to grind than the other.

Contact missions are story mode missions featured in GTA Online. These missions often feature a hooking tagline and a thrilling plotline full of twists. Not only are contact missions super fun to play with friends and fellow GTA Online players but also insanely profitable in terms of in-game payout.

This article talks about the three most difficult contact missions featured in GTA Online.

Top 3 difficult contact missions featured in GTA Online

#3 - Out of Harmony

Out of Harmony is a mission given to the player by Trevor Philips. A truck full of psychoactive drugs worth millions of dollars is in possession of the Lost MC in Harmony.

Trevor, of course, needs those narcotics, no matter the cost, and when he decides to do something, he just goes ahead and does it. Trevor hires a team of criminal masterminds, including the player, and tasks them with the mission in return for a hefty bounty.

"You wanna help me to get a big shipment of weapons together for a contact of mine to take to Mexico? There's a slight chance they won't be used for something totally horrendous down there too. So we can all feel good about that. Weapons are with the Lost at the cement works in Harmony, buyer's waiting for whole consignment (whole consignment!!) at Catfish View boatyard."

Trevor's buyer waits in a boatyard in Cape Catfish while the team eliminates as many bikers as possible. The driver has to connect the truck to their cab and deliver the narcotics to Trevor's buyer.

The mission does not end here, and that's what makes it one of the hardest missions in GTA Online.

In Cape Catfish, the rival party will send a huge wave of bikers to attack the team and the buyer. The player has to protect both the shipment and the buyer while eliminating all the attackers. The team receives their reward once every biker is taken care of.


Out of Harmony is worth $14,000 in GTA Online.

#2 - Dry Docking

Dry Docking is one of the hardest missions featured in GTA Online, and that shouldn't be a surprise, considering that it's coming from Martin Madrazo.

"Someone's employed Merryweather Security to guard a boat at the Pacific Allied Shipyard. I happen to know the boat is loaded with bricks of cocaine. Find out how these mercenaries got roped into the war against drug control, and bring the boat to my men in the Marina. The employment records should be in their safe."

Dry Docking is not only super difficult in nature but is also packed with a number of life-threatening tasks.

The team will first need to go to Pacific Allied Shipyard, where a number of blood-thirsty Merryweather security guards are waiting for an opportunity just like this. The players will need to fight the guards and find their way to the second floor to retrieve the "coke" from the safe.

After acquiring the coke, the players will need to walk into the den of the enemy, eliminate the gathered guards, and find their way outside.

The objective of the mission is to reach the "marked" part of the Marina as soon as possible, but GTA Online has never been that simple. An enemy helicopter will be tailing the players, trying to blast the entire team apart.


Players should try to destroy the chopper with a heavy sniper before stealing a boat. When that's taken care of, all the team has to do is arrive at the Marina in the Vespucci Canals to receive their reward.

Dry Docking is worth $16,000 in GTA Online.

#1 - Death from Above

Death from above is perhaps the hardest mission featured in GTA Online. This mission proves that Martin Madrazo does not take kindly to unsolicited threats.

"In his foolishness, an old associate of mine is preparing to testify against me, I want him gone, and I want proof of his departure - a photograph. He's barricaded in his mansion surrounded by bodyguards and police, so you'll have to use your mind. Parachute in, fly or, I don't know, anything."

The player will receive a text from Martin about an old associate who plans on testifying against him in court. Martin needs the witness killed and documented.

The player will need to go to the marked mansion in Vinewood Hills, eliminate the guards stationed there, kill the witness, and take a photo of the body. The job will be completed when the player returns to Martin for their well-deserved prize.

Death from Above is worth $19,250 in GTA Online.

Published 18 Feb 2021, 13:51 IST
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