5 best GTA 4 missions (August 2021)

Many feel that GTA 4 is one of the more underrated games in the franchise (Image via ThirstyHyena/YouTube)
Many feel that GTA 4 is one of the more underrated games in the franchise (Image via ThirstyHyena/YouTube)
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GTA 4 is known for its intense storyline and grim visual style. The game features the Yugoslavian protagonist Niko Bellic and his tales after coming to Liberty City on a ship called Platypus.

Niko Bellic and his brother Roman Bellic set upon many missions, and the story leads the protagonist to take out many enemies during this journey.


Five most enjoyable GTA 4 missions as of August 2021

5) Three leaf clover


This mission is given to Niko by Patrick McReary in GTA 4. Players are supposed to get Niko dressed in a suit to be able to start it. They need to rob the Bank of Liberty to steal 1 million dollars.

As users wait for the bomb to detonate and open the vault, an NPC shoots Michael and kills him instantly. After the incident, gamers need to collect money from the safe and escape from the crime scene.

The police hunt corners the group into a subway path, where they are to kill a few policemen to get to safety. After losing the cops, users must go to the McReary Residence.

Post the mission, Patrick mourns Michael's death but congratulates the team for the successful heist and pays Niko $250,000.

4) I’ll Take Her


I'll Take Her is a mission in GTA 4 given to Niko Bellic by Gerald McReary. The former is asked to kidnap the mob boss' daughter, Gracie Ancelotti.

Players need to first go to an internet cafe and view an ad for a pink Feltzer. After doing that, they can go over to Gracie's house and talk to her about buying the car. Once Niko convinces her to take a test drive, she joins him in the car.

Users then need to take her to the safe house in GTA 4. If they pass a cop during the kidnapping, they will have to lose their wanted level before taking Gracie to the safe house.

3) The Holland Play


The Holland Play is the final mission given to Niko in GTA 4 by Playbox X. In this mission, players need to make a decision that changes how the rest of the game will play out.

Playboy X gets paranoid about Dyawne Forge trying to kill him and asks Niko to kill his best friend. On the other hand, Dyawne asks Niko to kill Playboy X instead.

It becomes the gamer's decision to decide which character they want to kill. They get the location of both characters on the map and can go ahead and kill either one of them.

Killing both has its advantages, but killing Playboy X gives Niko a new safehouse while killing Dyawne only gives $25,000.

2) Out of commission


This is the final mission in GTA 4, and players can play it if they picked the Revenge ending to the game. In this mission, users need to meet up with Roman and Jacob, who wait in a car in Alderney. They need to then follow Pegorino's henchmen to be able to reach Pegorino.

When gamers reach the destination, they find Pegorino inside an old casino and need to chase him. Pegorino escapes into a boat, and users are to follow him on a bike before reaching a ramp that helps players jump into a helicopter while chasing Pegorino.

Players need to chase and kill Pegorino to complete this final mission of GTA 4.

1) A Revengers Tragedy


This is the other final mission in GTA 4, and players can play it if they picked the Deal ending in the game. Like the last mission mentioned on the list, they need to follow Pegorino's goons back to the old casino.

When users reach the destination, they find Dimitri. After the cut scene where Dimitri Kills Pegorino, he escapes into a helicopter. Niko grabs onto it only to be kicked off into the water by Dimitri.

Players need to get into a boat and then chase Dimitri until Jacob shows up with a helicopter, and the chase begins.

When they shoot Dimitri's helicopter down, another chase scene begins where Niko chases Dimitri on foot until he is shot down. In this ending, Niko is avenging his cousin Roman's death in GTA 4.

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